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May 17, 2022
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I shouldn't do this,
I joined the forum for some inspiration to finish my chopper and other projects, what I didn't want was inspiration with a deadline.
But I can't resist.
My next project, brewing in my head, will be 3 wheeler concept python, this time using 26" wheels.
But that project is much to complex to be able to finish in three months.
I always wanted to try to ride a 2 wheeler python, so that's what I'm building here.
My thought is that the front end can be used for my future 3 wheeler project.
I will at the same time get ride of some bike and steel bits cluttering my work space.
This is the style of a 26" python I'm after.

My only concern is if I can ride it or not. I know it takes days, if not weeks, of practice to get use to one.
I hope that three years riding my 3 wheeler python will be to my advantage, which took me days to learn.
It doesn't specify that the maker of the bike shall be able to ride it, just that the bike shall be ridable.
Is videos on youtube enough evidence that it's ridable?

Captain Awesome

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Aug 9, 2012
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Sunny SC coast
Pictures of it being ridden are usually enough. If someone really wants to raise a stink they may want more and we will address as a group. Generally speaking we are an easy going group

Jump in, the water is fine


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May 21, 2015
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I’ve looked at the python quite a bit. I think they are pretty cool. Given the leaning curve, I’ve been hesitant. And the vital pivot angle and which method to build the pivot.

Document well and build my confidence!


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Apr 20, 2022
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This should be interesting. I built a recumbent bike myself once. As a matter fact it was my first and last welding project in high school. Whooo that bike was heavy.

I never did get to ride it much because I could not afford the parts for the chain idlers. I made some idlers with an electric drill, old oakwood, grease and quarter inch bolts.

They were clunky and lasted for about 2 miles before they cracked apart from the pressure

I didn’t find that bike too difficult to ride, as I was a skater and experienced bicyclist. But I tried to put the beans to it and those oak rollers just mashed.

I delivered newspapers up and down the hills of Duluth Minnesota on a single speed bike. I was a monster at the 50 yard dash.

I’m pretty sure that on a recumbent, with my legs, I could rip the drivetrain apart regularly. Just like all these modern derailleur bicycles, I have to show them some mercy, where I could flog my old Schwinn with no mercy at all, and it always held up.