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Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
The cantilevers from a 24" frame that I salvaged awhile back are just the right length and curve for the struts! Holes are lined up and the right size too. Too bad I cut them in half last month while trying to fit springs. :crazy: Either I can have them welded back together or use them as an example and have a set made up. I still have a little stimulus money left I think.

struts 10 Jun 21.JPG

I put the chain on and just needed 3/4ths of a turn on the locknuts to the right to have plenty of tire clearance.

chain adjust 10 Jun 21.JPG

The tensioner lined up with a couple tries. High and low gear work fine. The crude derailleur is the next step.
High gear:
high gear 10 jun 21.JPG

Low gear:

Low gear 10 Jun 21.JPG


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Aug 31, 2009
Historic Savannah
Man, you have had a busy week and I had a lot of catching up to do on your thread.
I have to say that I love everything about this build!! It's whimsical and over the top, but it just flows so cool!!!
Keep it up brother. This is looking sooooo slick!!
Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
BartRidesEternal mentioned the thin metal on the rear so I've been thinking on how to make them stouter. I added bolts on either side with lock washers to marry the sections together. I used the same idea as the swing arm attachment, the locknuts make it solid. Now I don't feel any flex in them. I might add another bolt halfway to the shock mount, but I think I'm good.
bracket bolt 11 Jun 21.JPG

Then I remembered brakes. I added a band brake and made up a bracket to hold it, as the new dropout had nothing to bolt up to. Now I will go through and see if I have a brake lever and cable that will work.

band brake 11 Jun 21.JPG
Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
The welder showed up already! He had the struts welded back together in no time.
welding 11 Jun 21.JPG

Welding and grinding on my new tile, but no marks, so it's ok.

grinding 11 Jun 21.JPG

Then I bolted up the struts and they didn't mesh as well as I thought. Pretty close but not exact. I'll have to drill holes an inch lower on the fork arms to line them up almost perfectly. Or maybe I could take some bend out of the struts.

struts 11 Jun 21.JPG
Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
It rained and cooled it off a little, so I went to work and remounted the struts. I sat on it and it's got good spring action front and rear. I need my handlebars to show up to run the brake cable and I'm ready to test ride.

new struts 11 Jun 21.JPG
Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
I agree with Brian ^. I like the big curved supports on the front fork, they work well with your frame curves.

Man, WC, you are really going all out on this one! Like KF said, the whimsy and mechanical and hot rod sides of this all mesh really well. My eyes keep going to those shiny wheels and big white walls! Perfect addition to this cool build. :113:
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Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
While waiting on Handlebars and kickstand, I'm working on some other smaller stuff. I'm going to do a frame insert and couldn't find the color I was looking for in all the wood scraps from the cabinets and shelves that were made recently. Then I found it, the piece of wood I use on my work table has the right color on the backside. That's as far as I got with that.
insert 13 Jun 21.JPG

I have the copper backplate from an earlier build of mine, Coppertooth. Kingfish mailed it back to me a couple years after I sold it to him, for free!

It still has the design of the CWC chain wheel patinaed in it. I'll leave that on the inside and have the shiny side out. I had planned on using it for last years build, but never had the right frame. So now it'll get used on Riff Ratt. I measured and cut it out to fit the dual chain wheel this morning. I may clean up the outer chain wheel, but not today, it's Sunday and no work is done. It's actually quiet in the neighborhood.
coppertooth 13 Jun 21.JPG

copper 13 Jun 21.JPG

copperwheel 13 Jun 21.JPG