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Should scammers be publicly flogged at city centers?

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Aug 9, 2012
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We've seen an uptick in scammers making their way inside lately. Most are registering to look like actual accounts but they will target the WANTED section specifically. If you get a reply or private message from a member you don't recognize or has zero forum presence please perform some due diligence. Many times they will send you a message stating they know someone with the specific items you are wanting and send you to another random email with a fake name. It's all a scheme to get you off center and eventually to send money

Also, be wary of anyone asking for PayPal payments only using F&F. Remember this provides you zero protections should you get scammed unlike sending via G&S. Not saying everyone asking for a F&F transaction are scamming, but just reminding you of the layer of consumer protection you are giving up

If you suspect you have encountered someone to be aware of please report the profile so we can do some sleuthing. If you received a PM that seems suspicious, please report the conversation so we can investigate further

This place is a nice little haven in a rapidly changing digital world, let's keep it that way 👍

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