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Oct 29, 2016
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Hello to all RRB!

New guy here, mostly into pre-war ballon stuff but I am interested in doing some projects where I can feel comfortable relaxing the correctness standards a bit, thinking maybe the right environment is here. I found RRB coming up alot in the various bike searches I run and was impressed with what was going on in the build offs, and in custom frames, build packages, parts and products being developed basically on and through here. I'm also here to vicariously enjoy the stories and pictures of people & places and their bikes in more exotic & dreamy locales than mine.

There is something neat and undeterminable that happens when a bike has had parts added or subtracted as needed or as required or as wanted over time. These are the bikes one would see everyday in any era unless they were new, and these are the bikes we are likey to still sometimes find. I too am looking for a few favorite holy grail type models that if found I would want to go back towards original configuration. But I also like assembledges that are generally correct and have interesting and or unusual custom choices. Honestly it's much more likely that my day to day bike will be a mash up of whatever components are behaving themselves at the time. If you were to ask me about art & antiques I could probably give a more knowledgable answer than a question on bikes, but I learning as fast as I can.

Knowing what I know about boys and girls and what they put their bikes through it only stands to reason that most stuff gets beat up, almost trashed, saved, rebuilt and refitted, over and over until no more is left just dust. My sense is most boys bikes were ridden to death, thankfully the girls took it a little easier or so it would seem. Otherwise there would be no extra parts! ~ BAD BAD girls bike killer! Halleleuah the steering tube length matches! But then there appears an incredibly brilliant and talented fellow on here who makes possible transforming a girls bike into a boys bike! Ta da! So it all comes full circle again, and I'd say there are some exciting times ahead folks!

I only have a handful of personal bikes, approximately two or three. I am more serious as an antiques and art dealer but I've recently added old bikes to the roster. I've been buying and selling and trading on a small scale only in the past couple of years. I love learning about the core bike makers best designs and also the variety and qualities of the many cool period secondary suppliers and aftermarket parts makers. I'd like to get more into the modification/fabrication side of building. I have talent and experience both welding and cnc machining but working for other people and not in my own shop. There is more room available adjacent to my current space for rent, however I cannot afford it at this time. The bike shop/bike space is a pipe dream for the moment but I would like to get there maybe that will be a new years goal. And would probably be good as I am trashing the carpet in my rental...

Here's my '47 ish DX, just trying out some parts, mainly a neat pair of earlier dropcenter rims with Mussleman Coaster brake. I like this style accessory large wing chainguard. Bike has I think a fantastic large Troxell touring style seat I got in the FREE pile at Dudley. Honestly I get a little tired of seeing the same shaped period correct original style seats on ballooners, this to me is more workmanlike/motorcycle-y. I sold my Torrington Deco stems to get some cash, so currently is has a whatever works stem and repro Wald Longhorns. I am looking for a nice stem either period correct Schwinn or other good period aftermarket upgrade. The inside of the fork tube feels funky and I need to see what's correct and needed here in terms of a stem. I have a set of vintage Firestone High Speeds or US Royal Chain Blackwalls I could try. It's freeezing rain and going into possibly a harsh winter up here in NH so my personal projects are kinda in the backseat to making a living and keeping my truck on the road right now. But it's what I do to relax when I can relax.

Well anyways, hope that will be enough for now to introduce myself~ the21balloons is a play on words and a clue...




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Mar 26, 2012
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Maplewood, MN
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Welcome to the party! In my short active couple of years here I have learned volumes about bikes from the pre-war and mid-century periods. The coolest part is watching what all the creative minds on here do with those bikes and assorted parts, whether custom made or re-purposed!
When you're ready, join in on a build-off, it's loads of fun and really helps one push to new levels of rat-isfaction! RaT oN~!
Dec 30, 2016
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Well said! As a fellow newbie, this site appears to be the place you can dumpster dive for your bike and parts or spend some big money... but everyone gets respect. Looking forward to see what you do with the DX.
Nov 17, 2012
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Broken Hill, Australia
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Well said! As a fellow newbie, this site appears to be the place you can dumpster dive for your bike and parts or spend some big money... but everyone gets respect. Looking forward to see what you do with the DX.
Well said! :thumbsup:

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