Mar 3, 2021
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Old Schwinn Mens / Boys 26" heavyweight bike made in Chicago in the USA , it has a tank , a rear rack , old bell . etc, the bike is from the early 50s and still rides and is in good shape

The tires are early GOOD YEAR tires and there is a Flying Winged Foot emblem on them in between the words good and year , The tires are the original old ones and are a matching set ,

The bicycle pedal sprocket gear has decorative hearts on it and the chain is an unusual type with an open chain link alternating with a solid section

It can be driven as a bike or you can put an engine / motor on it to make it a period correct Whizzer / Wizzzer motor bike if you like an old motorcycle

Asking 475 the bike is located in NY and if anyone is interested they can send me a quick PM
Any chance you get a pick of the serial # on the bottom of crank bracket or rear drop out . Where in NY are you located?
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