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Dec 9, 2010
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...production co. was in my city for a Nuit Blanche (a dusk 'til dawn) art festival and picked up a few of my bikes for their art installation(Netflix co Promo). I think the bikes hit the road for other festival events after this one.
Here are the bikes they took and how they put em to use. (borrowed web pics).
I cant even access my pics of the bikes as delivered. They were decent bikes and I miss some of the parts but it was a timely no dicker sale. Done!
This was my '52 WF rat that I had beat thru multi builds for 7 years....
off phone 044.JPG

and a version of my old Flightliner. They also grabbed my sexy orange 40s step thru somethingeruther.
off phone 097.jpg
off phone 043.JPG

Due to tech troubles I can find daylight presale pics atm.
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