Street Chariot - Hardware Recommendations Needed

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Jun 16, 2021
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Looking for some hardware recommendations for this freak in the making.


Pacific "Assault" Scooter I want to turn into an electric chariot. Picked up a salvaged kids' bike just for the 16" suspension fork on it, going to get the grippiest tire possible, and put it on a Grin or Golden Motors front-wheel e-kit with throttle. Swytch or Hilltopper can be considered, but I don't know which options of theirs can run throttle-only, or if they'll respond to kicking the way they would forward momentum from pedaling.

Want to swap the rear wheels with casters and turn this into a standing drift machine. Am I likely to find something durable enough for the street in the same size factor, OR should I upscale both them and the intended front wheel+fork?

Also would like to raise the handlebars a bit. Thanks for any advice!

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