The Half-Penny - 29er Electric Penny Farthing

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Jun 16, 2021
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An experimental build of mine. Photos of semi-latest build and video of the maiden voyage attached.
Scratch-built from some surplus frame piping, cruiser and BMX bicycle parts, and old kick scooter parts. Welding was done by a friendly student at the local welding school.

The front wheel is an independent electric rim motor, controller, and battery contained in the main chassis. Connected to a thumb throttle. It fits 700c and 29er forks but needs a little more clearance than some 700c forks provide.
Feet can be rested on rear axle pegs.

I've since replaced the banana seat with a similar one with a custom fabric wrap, and the sissy bar with a chrome one, along with adding a basket in front. Those pictures aren't as good quality though. I'm still working on a way to add suspension to the seat for a more comfortable ride, but as it is, it's a viable last-mile solution to get to work from the mechanic. Take the front wheel off and it even fits in my wife's Smart Fortwo. :D Ridiculously heavy for its size though, as the front wheel with battery is 22-25lbs.

I'm in the midst of building a pedal wheel to go in front (all built, just needs to be trued), and will be putting a motorized wheel in the back instead.


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