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May 14, 2018
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Santa Fe, Texas
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Recently I was reading a book about the reclamation of Galveston, TX after the 1900 hurricane disaster. The book is called "Galveston: A City On Stilts."
Many, many photos of how the city was raised and a protective seawall built. Really interesting reading. Anyway in one of the captions a resident named James Hanna mentioned, when he was a boy, in the late 1800's and early 1900's when horse and buggy were still around that most people didn't keep a horse and buggy at their homes. Most would rent one when they needed it. They would call the local livery stable and request a horse and buggy similar to renting a car today. The livery would send a boy out with the horse and buggy to your house. He would then proceed to go to the back of the buggy and unfasten a bicycle from the buggy that had been connected to the buggy with specially made iron towing arms. He would then ride back to the livery stable and pick up another buggy and repeat the process for another customer. I found this quite interesting and Googled it but could find no references anywhere about this way of transporting a bike to ride back to the livery stable. I was wondering if anyone else may have heard of this and possibly have photos of the towing mechanism.