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Mar 23, 2009
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I was told about a local guy recently that had “a bunch” of old bikes that could probably be bought. I finally got by there today and looked at his stuff. Unfortunately all of the stuff had been in the weather forever, but there’s some good bits there, and I got them all in the cheap cheap. The best of the bunch is a Murray-built Otasco badged Scorpion with a funky purple and orange fade. I bet it was wild looking when new!
Among the others, there’s a 24” Schwinn with a nice n’ straight running pair of big fat wide S2s and big ol fat ducktail fender that is screaming for me to chop and use for a rear muscle bike fender, a Huffy built girl’s tanker with a 26” Dragster style guard (I’ve been looking for one of these!)
a Murray built girls 26” with a pair of wheels that I believe will clean up almost new, a clean crank, ring, and clean set of white pedals, and straight Wildcat style gaurd, and crusty ol’ Huffy girl’s 26” bike that strangely has a cool looking stance for some reason?!?🤷🏻‍♂️😂