What to do? How to do it? Rebuilding my road cruiser.

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May 28, 2016
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New here and I've been looking around. I ended up here while looking for information and ideas for what I was thinking of doing.
Looking for some help and ideas and experience.
I am okay mechanically; not afraid of small jobs on my motorcycle and I have some tools.
I've never done anything on my bicycles except loosen and adjust a few basics like seats. Zero experience with chains, gears, spokes, etc.
I'm not sure what to do but here's a quick rundown on what I got and how I got here.

Since growing up I've liked bikes, bicycles, but after getting near 6 feet tall I always felt that the frames were too small and it always felt like I was riding around on a little kid's bike. The top bar between the head and seat tubes was always way down because my seat post was always high and before that, I could no longer get any good length between the peddles and the seat. I always wanted a bike that was longer so that I was not feeling so cramped up on it. Or if I got the space by extending everything I then feel like it looks ridiculous.

I finally found Dyno about 15 years ago and I did notice that it seemed longer than other bikes. This bike shop also was cruiser friendly and had other accessories that I had not see elsewhere like a laid back seat post to give me more length at the peddle. So I ended up investing in the Dyno Deuce and modifying it. However I still never felt like it was a bullseye. It's still a little frame although I think the bike looks alright.
Dyno Deuce.jpg

Now years later I found the Electra Cruiser 1 in a Tall frame. I could see immediately that is was taller than the other bikes at the shop (I was helping a girlfriend get herself a bike - which she did, a Linus Mixte). The tall Electra seemed longer too, but I wasn't sure.

I was going to get on this site and ask if I should sell the old Dyno and get the Electra, but I ended up getting a small sale and bought the single speed Electra tall Cruiser 1. So now I have both bikes.
Electra Crusier 1 Tall.jpg

Now I can't seem to settle on what to do.
The frames seem remarkably similar as well as very different. So I was hoping to find some experienced folks here that really know what they are looking at and have tried some variations and understand what I mean.

Hooked on front axle, wheel straight, measured at back axle. The Electra Tall Cruiser 1. About 49.25 inches.


Hooked on front axle, wheel straight, measured at back axle. The Dyno Deuce with springer forks. About 49 inches.


From about the center of the head tube to the center of the seat post. The Electra Tall Cruiser 1. About 27.5 inches.


Frome about the center of the head tube to the center of the seat post. The Dyno Deuce. About 24 inches.

I've been thinking of moving my Nexus and other customizations to the new bike and selling the Dyno. However since getting the Electra I have been riding it and honestly I have not minded the single speed set up. I really like the clean, uncluttered lines of the simple, plain bike. In the long run though I think I'll have to settle for one that works for more than flat surfaces and that's why I put the Nexus in the Dyno back in the day in the first place.

By the way, is it difficult taking the Nexus off and lacing up the wheel? Is that a more experienced type job? I don't want the wheel to come off or the gears to seize up because i did it wrong to save some money.

I presume it will be easy to switch to a nice fat Brooks (B190? - I forget the exact model number - the wide one with the spring in the front too, unless you all know and like a better one. I'm all ears). How about a different fork from the springer? Or keep it? Or keep the original forks. Are they extra long so that other forks won't fit? I was thinking of a cool looking suspension I found here that came from some older off-roading bikes. Tubes + a spring type of thing.
Electra Custom Cafe with Brooks seat.jpg

Electra Flying Sue Custom Brooks Springer.jpg

Electra Front Disk Brake Custom.jpg

A front disk would be nice.
That's all I can think of right now. Time to pass out. :happy:

Thanks for any help or guidance.
I hope you all had a good holiday weekend.
I bought a bike. :grin: :cool2:
Apr 18, 2015
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central ohio
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All I can tell you is find the parts you want to put on it and put them on. When it comes to customizing there are no rules, specially if you're building for yourself.
Jul 25, 2016
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Chicago - far west burbs
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How about an older full size 26" frame, that will get you on a larger size frame. Then you can go to 24"rear wheel, and or lay out the fork to set bike height you want. From there it's seat and bar placement to get you comfortable.

I notice both handle bars on your current bikes are swept back at the grip. A new set of bars that sweep out instead of back will put your hands forward and a more forward lean riding position, you could get rid of some seat post set back.

Take a few pics on your bike riding, look at riding position, and where you want to change it, get new bike parts to put you in that position.

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