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Dec 10, 2009
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I got this 1936 Schwinn frame and fork about 7 years ago. I painted it found some period (or close to) cranks and shelved it. I dug it out in 2020 for the Sacramento Autorama. I entered it for fill in, mainly to help out the guys hosting it. More bikes, more betta! After that back to the shed. At some point I pulled the wheels off it for another build.

On its way back to the shed it (the bike) had a thought.🤪 It said "why don't you make me into a cool cruiser?". I said "ok".🤪 Rummaging thru my parts I found a pair of Velocity Blunt 35s, nice. Also came up with a pair of cream Schwalbe Little Big Ben's, sealed bearing front hub, brand new rear coaster.

This sucker is gonna be killer! I painted the front rim and laced it up. Mounted the tire and put the wheel on the partly finished bike. I stepped back and looked, " this sucker is gonna be killer!". Then I put a crappy spare wheel on the rear and put it back in the shed.😎


Pulled that sucker out again! I have painted the rear rim and will hopefully lace it up tonight. I got a little impatient with the rim and laced it with 2mm to long spokes, doh! Also got a little careless with to soft of paint and scratched (read gouged) it.😎

I am not painting this rim again! It's supposed to look like a old bike so gouges are normal.

While digging thru my parts I found these 1920s Mead Ranger fenders. Should be a cool addition. I'll keep you posted.🤘
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