WTB: classic 24" boys frames - in Cali

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Hi all- I cleaned up my garage and realized I have a couple sets of 24" coaster brake wheels that really belong on the road, so I'm looking for inexpensive & cool vintage 24" boys frames- Murray/Hawthorne/Higgins/Huffy work just fine. Needs frame & fork at a minimum; don't need handlebars at all. What do you have, and how much shipped to California 94533? I can use up to three, prefer a 3-at-one-time transaction to minimize per frame shipping costs.
Nov 6, 2015
DFW Mertoplex
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I have a 24 inch Huffy SS frame forks and chainguard and crank. Let me know if this might interest you. Could send pictures by text to help speed things along.