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One-eyed Sailor

Carlita -->> Carlos

'82 Team Fuji
This 1980’s Fuji Team road bike was a fun project. It started out as my daughter’s garage sale bike and I took it on as a project in my spare time.

It is a 53cm frame, should fit a rider from about 5’4” to 5’8” (I'm 6'2" so she's way to small for me).

I removed all the components and stripped the frame down to bare steel and applied Boeshield T-9 with a rag in early August and periodically tested the finish by spraying her with water, drying the bike off and reapplying T-9. Over a month later and I cannot find evidence of rust on the frame.

I cleaned and polished all of the “shiny” bits and lubricated all the “greasy” bits and had the rear wheel trued by Guthrie’s.

Put her up for sale locally but no takers so I'm changing tactics.

Stay tuned.

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