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  1. CRASH

    This is wearing me down

    Every morning when I’m leaving the house for work, I keep getting hit by a bike. It’s a vicious cycle.
  2. CRASH

    Monochrome Motocross

    Spokes arrived today. Laced the wheels. I’ll tension and true them, get in the tires, and start mocking up the bike.
  3. CRASH

    Cheater Slick: my first muscle build

    Lacing is the east part. Only takes roughly 20 minutes to lace a wheel. It’s the truing that can take some time. That’s more of an art to evenly distribute the tension while paying attention to two axiis and the dish (centering the rim to the hub)
  4. CRASH

    "It's Never Easy" 1971 AMF Aerobee

    I’ve been waiting so long on the painter that I almost forgot I had this bike! Spokes came in today. I’m going to tension and true them, then I’ve got about a bazillion parts to polish.
  5. CRASH

    Cheater Slick: my first muscle build

    Spokes arrived today, so I’m throwing a lacing party for myself while watching an Andor marathon. Lol Next is tensioning and truing.
  6. CRASH

    November 23rd = half way

    We’ve reached the half way point. Just 53 days to go! Good luck! Get ‘em done!
  7. CRASH

    The Shelbinator. 37 Shelby Y Frame Muscle Truck

    I'm jealous of your truing stand. I have a 1950 "Surre" stand I bought off this sight. lol
  8. CRASH

    Farm Hand Fastback

    That Metalcast came out really, really nice! I'm using a red over chrome to give an anodized look on a bike. I'm really liking it! Well done!
  9. CRASH

    Muscle Bound

    You didn't ask for it, but after reading your "thoughts out loud" post above, I felt obligated to give my opinion. TRM, you may (or may not) know that I have built several "clone" 26" muscle bikes. So I have experience. With that experience comes some thoughts on your current project: You...
  10. CRASH


    I'm going with Pondo on this one. To my eye, the 14" apes are the best proportion to the rest of the bike. Plus, I know the 11.5" apes are AMF bars, so I want them to go on an AMF bike. lol But seriously, the 14" have my vote.
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    Dead Reckoning

    I sought some expertise on the gold rims I was going to use on my MX build. Turns out there wasn’t anything special about them. The gold was a bit worn, and scratched, so I decided to use them on this build, but change them up. They went from this To this To this It won’t be as strong...
  12. CRASH

    Dead Reckoning

    That’s cool! But he didn’t say what type of dye, or what ratio, or what temp he’s cooking it. Any ideas?
  13. CRASH

    Dead Reckoning

    Opinion question: I'm restoring this, and I usually go all out, despite what I can sell it for at the end. And even though this bike won't be restored to what it looked like originally, I'm still trying to make it look like a nice vintage BMX with most the original parts. That being said, do...
  14. CRASH

    Dead Reckoning

    I'm cheating. I'm painting with this:
  15. CRASH

    Dead Reckoning

    Trying some anodizing. First try didn’t go so well on the sprocket, so I’ll clear it off and try again.