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    Let's see those Kona HumuHumu & Kona A'Ha

    I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t sold. I don’t think the price is bad at all. For how many were made it’s kinda astonishing more don’t pop up. If it was a large, I woulda hit the buy it now button without a thought.
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    Bassett Star Breakfast

    Beautiful! heck yea Sam! I know you’d been lookin for one. Stoked
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    Let's see those Kona HumuHumu & Kona A'Ha

    Oh yea. Hey man. Thank you. I just swapped the fork from the black with canti mounts for the chrome one. I had another project the black fork worked better for.
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    Let's see those Kona HumuHumu & Kona A'Ha

    First build. Then swapped the fork
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    Lacing a 32 hole hub to a 36 hole rim

    You can absolutely and reliably lace a 32 hole hub to a 36 hole rim. You just have to skip every 9th hole. And figuring out the spoke lengths is a headache because you’ll have multiple lengths. I personally haven’t done it, but a buddy has. I can talk to him on it. Also a product like what...
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    Cook Brothers current value

    Matter of opinion I guess. I see it as art. You can have a chance to own the original, or you can by a replica or fake. But just like art, those who know, know. It’s not like they’re making any more of them. Demand is high, so prices follow. There really is only a small pool of folks who...
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    FOUND Please remove

    I run solid stock that I cut down myself and use a wald shim cut in half to make up the 7/8”. I’ve never had one slip yet. And I’ve ran them off road. I have more posts (15”) and shims. Shoot me a PM if interested
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    Mundo Cycles... anyone?

    Happy to hear all is well man! Congrats on the grandkid!!
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    Show me your older 26" mtb, turned modern day gravel grinder.

    Here’s a ‘94 Scott I recently finished. Swapped the suspension fork to a kona project 2 rigid one, shorter stem, and wider (motorcycle) handlebars. Thumbie shifters, indexed rear, friction front. Swapped up the gearing from a triple to a sub compact double up front, and a wider range cassette in...
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    Mundo Cycles... anyone?

    What happen to him??
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    I like em. They weren’t my first choice, but I’m honestly impressed. I’ve only ridden road/paved, but they’re quick and have a low rolling resistance. The tire I initially wanted was the CST cyclops in 2.4. I have em on another bike and dig the ride quality for the price. But, they were sold out...
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    Thanks man. I had the stickers made for myself and some friends I ride with weekly. I considered some combos similar to those. But I’m the end, I’ve been appreciating a little more subtle lately. With the frame being as bright as it is, and the stem, I figured black and silver for the rest. The...
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    Was able to wrap up the Humu up today. Bike rides great, and I’m happy I stepped up my gear ratio a little bit. I’m not really into the bars however. When I have some time I’m going to try a few others and see if I can land on something I like a bit more. Otherwise, stoked!
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    That would be cool for sure! Had I had a set up layin around, I woulda checked it out.
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    I know I’m not the best at updating this. Got a few irons in the fire so to speak. I’d been going back and forth on tires for this one for a bit. And things are challenging to obtain right now. Went with what was available that I think will suit the build. Tires mounted, hoping to get some time...