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  1. firstyearchevelle

    Foremost badged Muscle

    Cleaned up. I need to do something about the blue guard.
  2. firstyearchevelle

    1972 Huffy Slingshot

    Typical beautiful build by Crash. Awesome job!!!
  3. firstyearchevelle

    Foremost badged Muscle

    I found this at a swap meet this weekend. Missing guard and seat which I probably have. Not sure if the pedals are correct. The serial number is somewhat of a mystery. It doesn’t seem to correspond to any Murray serial numbers. Anyone know what year this could be?
  4. firstyearchevelle

    Skip tooth master links

    Pm sent
  5. firstyearchevelle

    Skip tooth master links

    I have some
  6. firstyearchevelle

    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...
  7. firstyearchevelle

    WTB: Cranks for AMF Roadmaster

    Have these. 6 1/2 inch. Weird notch ground by the chainring peg, looks too perfect to have been ground by hand, maybe that’s how they were made? IDK
  8. firstyearchevelle

    Liberty Cyclone Sissy Bar and Seat

    Don’t know if this is correct. Measures 18” from bottom hole to seat mount hole. NOS Sissy bar.
  9. firstyearchevelle

    Butterfly Screamer Bars

    Have these
  10. firstyearchevelle

    huffy muscle bike chain guard FOUND

    Pm sent
  11. firstyearchevelle

    huffy muscle bike chain guard FOUND

    Have this one. Not perfect. Not terrible. Paint has been stripped from front side.
  12. firstyearchevelle

    Wanted: J.C. Higgins Color Flow reflector

    I have this one. Metal is quite rusty. Reflector appears to be fine.
  13. firstyearchevelle


    Have this one. Straight and solid. Crown is trashed.
  14. firstyearchevelle

    Huffy Rail Chain Guard & Shifter both FOUND!

    Could be one stop shopping. I have everything you are looking for. Guard is very straight but has been spray bombed black.
  15. firstyearchevelle

    Ross-built muscle bike

    Yep. ’67 Ross Polo bike