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    Who the heck am I,

    Greetings. Cool steed by the way
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    I’m a bi-centennial baby myself. My first bike was a Western Flyer Buzz bike. I remember when in the ‘80’s sportifs became all the rage around here. I’m of the opinion that the Olympics had something to do with that (‘84). Admittedly for the inclines in this area that Buzz would have been a...
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    I suppose that this may fit here…

    Grazi. I’ve actually came up with some ideas with some manufacturer (and to a certain extent period) appropriate items that I had laying around. Eventually I’ll post some “progression” photos…
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    Show me your Kick Scooters

    That reminds me of a funny story. I was in a somewhat upscale part of town and literally pulled up next to Christopher MacDonald at a light. I had to triple take to make sure it was him and since the windows were down I just had to ask if he was who I thought he was. He confirmed it and I had to...
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    Spyder inspired Alpine 5

    I’ll try 😁
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    I suppose that this may fit here…

    Thanks, I’ll try that.
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    Is that Hokusai?
  8. Lowe Beau

    Texas Ranger & Rangerette - Collectable?

    I got directed to here because I’m tinkering with one now….
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    Spyder inspired Alpine 5

    I have a 70ish Murray here that I’ve been tooling around on. I’ve already painted most of it to a very gaudy (I was going for delightfully tacky) lime green (the original color looked like old urine) and I’m going to reinforce it with another coat. I’ve also changed the seat to a polo style with...
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    I suppose that this may fit here…

    I’m about to embark on jazzing up this 1970(?) AMF (I assume) Texas Ranger…I may rechristen it “El Diablo Tejano” a.k.a “Bass Reeves” I’ve sorted out the bits and pieces that I’d like to attach and possibly substitute. I wanted to change the stem to resemble the one on my Hercules, but I should...
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    Lamborghini Rapido

    Is this the same bike as the Kent made GMC Denali and the Genesis Roadtech? Is it a 14 or 21 speed? I saw the bar shifters and that’s what made me ask.
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    Show me your Kick Scooters

    As promised…
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    26" Wheels with Sturmey Dyno Hubs $20

    That would be most awesome. Please feel free to let me know. Thanks be careful and have fun.
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    Do you like really tall old road bikes or really small old road bikes?

    I’ve thought about putting drops on a cruiser for a while…as I see these examples I may be compelled to at least try it.
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    Show me your Kick Scooters

    Hate to bump an old thread but a buddy of mine and I have been collaborating on a conversion involving a Currie. I can emphasize about the sk8’n. Hey at least we can see where we went wrong the last time, right? By the bye, I’ve a Variflex downstairs. Pics to come.