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    The style of seat post might be throwing you off a bit. It looked a bit off with the banana seat to me at first but then it grew on me right away. I can see how having the sissy bar mounted to the axle could be annoying. I haven't had a banana seat bike since I was a kid but hopefully I'll be...
  2. Pondo

    Schwinn Varsity repaint and minor modifications

    Looks slick! I really like that chain guard too!
  3. Pondo

    Monochrome Motocross

    The low seat gives it a nice stance. Also gets it out of the way for doing tricks at the skate park. :grin:
  4. Pondo

    Memento Mori

    The new stem rocks!
  5. Pondo

    Muscle Bound

    The proportions look just right to me. :thumbsup:
  6. Pondo

    Who the heck am I,

    Cool bike, man. Welcome to the crew!
  7. Pondo

    Muscle Mini Twinn

    That burnt copper is one of my favorite colors. Looking great!
  8. Pondo

    Bleus Muscle. : wheel/tire selection

    That's a clean machine!
  9. Pondo

    Monochrome Motocross

    I like these fenders. And I like this idea, though it's a bit of work. I also think it would look cool with and early Schwinn style MX bar that looks like apes with a cross bar. And an early MX style seat. Fenderless would be cool too. Looking forward to seeing where it winds up!
  10. Pondo

    The Crusty Pistachio

    Super cool. I like both forks on this one. A front drum might be cool too. Love this bike!
  11. Pondo

    Typhoon Too

    Haha! I love it when the project snowballs. It's cool that your wife is into it now though. The Typhoon is looking great, nice work!
  12. Pondo


    I'm really enjoying the evolution of this bike. I like the direction it is headed and the parts selection on it. The video updates are really cool. I may give that a try myself at some point. Nice work with the clear coat issue, that didn't look fixable to me. Bike's looking great!
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    Cheater Slick: my first muscle build

    Cool, yeah that will be a fun challenge. I did see a post with the tool that @GuitarlCarl made I think. I'll look back thru and try to find it. I think I'll be back down that way weekend after next so that might be a good time to pick it up. Thanks again for all the work on the wheels. I'm...
  14. Pondo

    Cheater Slick: my first muscle build

    Whoa! That thing is looking killer! I'm loving the huge slick. No worries on the cross brace. I've got plenty of welding technology in the garage so we might just go ahead and cut that brace out to spread the frame and then weld it back in. Looking kool, man. I'm looking forward to giving...
  15. Pondo

    Cheater Slick: my first muscle build

    Whoa, that was quick! Didn't the spokes just come in today?