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    Another trike restoration for me

    Here's another trike I had stashed. I think I'll restore it next.
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    Unknown (to me) trike

    Now that I know(?) what it is, I checked out other posts on here related. I read one saying these are rare. How can that be? What is considered rare?
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    Unknown (to me) trike

    Here's a probably not very vintage, trike I picked up a few years ago. It came with two new tires & tubes installed, and a third matching tire & tube but was missing one rear rim & spokes. Fortunately the axle & hub were there. I just robbed a 24" rim from a junk 10 speed and laced it on...
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    Wanna build this

    I've found this on the 'net. I think I'll drag out a couple of junkers and build it. I'll post pics as it happens.
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    BIKES with TRUCKS photo

    Awesome! I'm going out right now to take a pic of my '49 Studebaker truck, with a bike of course. Here's the '49, still with the original 169 cu in flathead six,and my daily driver '55. The bike with 32" wheels is longer than the bed so it has to sit at an angle. The '55 is on a 1987 Dakota...
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    Repairing holes in a rim

    My "new" Raleigh with rod brakes has some small holes, the largest about 1/8" in the front rim. I hope to find a replacement rim but I'd like to do a temporary repair. I'm undecided about the best way. JB Weld? Solder?
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    My first rod brake bike

    I bought my first rod brake bike today, this Raleigh. I will need a replacement of or one of the 28" rims. I'm pretty happy with it.
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    English 3 speed with rod brakes

    I want an English 3 speed bike with rod brakes. Restoration project.
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    I would like to know the value of this Bianchi.
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    Western Flyer

    The asking price was $45 but it was in the basement, where things get moved to after they've been on the main , upstairs floor for a while, so the price is probably negotiable. I'm not usually into banana seat or ape hanger bar bikes but if the seat had been original... And it's a girl's bike.:(...
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    Western Flyer

    I found this Western Flyer three speed ladies bike at a local antique store, cheap. I forgot to look for the date on the rear hub. I wonder if the banana seat would be original to the bike. If it's original I might go back and get it.
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    two more English three speeds

    The Rudge is missing the tire pump and I would like to find one for it.
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    two more English three speeds

    My wife and I braved the 90+ temps today and went to the local flea market. I scored a red Triumph and a black Rudge, both three speeds. I paid $100 for the pair. I believe both will clean up nicely and make good riders. I am going to limit my purchases to three speed bikes from now on (yeah...
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    electric motor find

    I just found this. Anybody recognize it ad know the brand/manufacturer?
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    You guys see any problems with this idea?

    I hope you decided to use the parts bike on another frame. They gray bike looks good as is. Leave it alone and build another one!
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    Montag Blue horse bicycle

    It would appear so. I have not looked for a serial number yet.
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    Montag Blue horse bicycle

    I rubbed on the Blue Horse bike today with 0000 steel wool and some mildly abrasive cleaner that is intended for smooth stove cook-tops. Look how it cleaned up! The rest of the bike will get rubbed over the next couple of days. This was a quick, experimental rub. Wait til I get serious with it!
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    Montag Blue horse bicycle

    I bought this Montag Blue Horse bike today. It has the wrong fenders and is missing the chain guard. The forks might be slightly bent too but it is fixable. Who else on here has one?
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    Trailmate Joyrider 'cause I didn't have one

    I replaced the chains today, out of my stash of stuff. Of course one chain is longer than the usual bicycle chain and the other one shorter than the norm but I worked it out. The gearing is good on this thing and with new chains it pedals nice. It's quite fun to ride. I experimented a little on...
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    Trailmate Joyrider 'cause I didn't have one

    I had never heard of a Trailmate Joyrider until the other day when one popped up on the local Craigslist. It was cheap and I didn't have one - so now I do. I aired up the tires and rode it today. It rides well except I can tell the rusty chains, (there are two), create some extra resistance. I...