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  1. Lil' rat rod

    1920’s Schwinn built

    I’ve been looking for awhile, but I’m being picky because this is going to be my last major build for awhile. Family cruiser with gears and good brakes. I’m selling most of my collection to build this dream of mine so I want to be sure it’s the right build.
  2. Lil' rat rod

    1920’s Schwinn built

    Thank you. I’ve got one that I’m about ready to pull the trigger on, but it’s not “perfect” for what I want. But the only thing holding me back is just the head badge it has lol. I ordered some Velocity Blunts yesterday and an 8 speed Nexus as well as a new Sturmey front drum…. I’m gonna be...
  3. Lil' rat rod

    1920’s Schwinn built

    Gotcha! Thank you. Frame is a little short for me, I need a taller head tube.
  4. Lil' rat rod

    1920’s Schwinn built

    Send me some pictures please!
  5. Lil' rat rod

    1920’s Schwinn built

    Looking for a teens or 20’s, possibly early 30’s 28” wheel Schwinn built motobike, truss or double bar frame. Frameset preferred, wheels not necessary. Looking to do a 700c wheel conversion. I deeply regret selling this one a few years back, if anyone happens to recognize it, I’d love to buy it...
  6. Lil' rat rod

    Juvenile Reverie

    Haha. I can’t, it needs major work yet. Thanks.
  7. Lil' rat rod

    Juvenile Reverie

    Had some buddies over and we had a little bike build day! Threw this together to mock up and see how it rode. Now it’s gotta come apart to fix everything that’s wrong with it.
  8. Lil' rat rod

    Juvenile Reverie

    Traded my childhood BMX for a polo seat that a friend had. I was actually giving his son my old bike because he has been wanting one, he wouldn’t let me leave empty handed and knew I had this bike. Found some eBay seat material to recover it and some eBay knobbies. Oh and I scored a 64...
  9. Lil' rat rod

    Juvenile Reverie

    Howdy folks! Been a long time since I’ve attempted a build off, been a member here since the very first day of the forum... Anyway, I found this bike for sale early this year, drove over an hour to get it. Just started tinkering with it a couple days ago, then I see there is a muscle bike...
  10. Lil' rat rod


    Picked up this ‘39 DX a couple years back at Ann Arbor. Have been trying to figure out a direction on it. After cleaning as much paint off as I could with oven cleaner, some cool original patina paint came through. Simple build, but one of my favorites I’ve ever done.
  11. Lil' rat rod

    Pixie Fenders

    In need of nicer later Pixie Fenders, the non convertible 70s style frame. Restoring one for a friend and that’s the last parts I need. Thanks, Jon
  12. Lil' rat rod

    Pre-war Schwinn dx 1939

    '39 DX. One year only frame. Top two bars curved, bottom straight. Also the dropstand ears are a giveaway '39, only did that that year. Sweet frame, my favorite schwinn.
  13. Lil' rat rod

    Lengthening a skip tooth chain

    I forgot I had been using a cheapo Walmart one and it worked better than the Park, because the skip tooth actually fit it, but that one snapped in use...
  14. Lil' rat rod

    '37 Schwinn

    The sun was messing with the coloration in that pic. It's a bare metal gray color.
  15. Lil' rat rod

    Show us your Cars!

    My beast on a trip this summer.
  16. Lil' rat rod

    '37 Schwinn

    By far my favorite style of bike I've ever built. Rides the best too. It's not "period" correct, but it's what I could come up with on a budget. Already planning another using a '39 DX. Before: After: '37 C model Schwinn blasted and clear coated Sunlite fork Dyno neck rescued from a...
  17. Lil' rat rod

    Lengthening a skip tooth chain

    I use the Park CT-3. It's not designed to do a skipper obviously, but it does work. You do have to sometimes be creative with it. I've done it several times with great success.
  18. Lil' rat rod

    Before & After Pics

    '28 Electric. eBay 700c 2 speed kickback wheelset. Made the rear sprocket a skip tooth. Robbed the pedals, saddle and bars off other bikes. Had to modify the front axle to work with the non slotted forks and wasn't able to use all the hardware provided, but it works. Rides really...
  19. Lil' rat rod

    Lets See Those 26" BMX Styled Cruiser Builds

    I suppose this fits here. '37 Schwinn C model.
  20. Lil' rat rod

    Cerakote frame finish

    I've messed with cerakote before. Only on firearms though. As long as the surface is prepped properly it's really durable stuff. I hadn't thought about doing a bike frame, but it wouldn't fit in the oven anyway... I'm not sure I'd choose it over powdercoat for a bicycle frame though. It works...