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  1. Vanner

    Electric hub motor with five gear cassette

    I’ll get right on it and check them out. Thanks!
  2. Vanner

    Electric hub motor with five gear cassette

    I was wondering if anyone has converted their beach cruiser 26” bike to an Ebike. I am considering converting my 1964 Cycle Truck to electric power and I thought I would ask other members if they knew who made the best and most trouble free hub motor at a reasonable cost. I’d like to use my...
  3. Vanner

    Turn of the century bikes

    Recently I was reading a book about the reclamation of Galveston, TX after the 1900 hurricane disaster. The book is called "Galveston: A City On Stilts." Many, many photos of how the city was raised and a protective seawall built. Really interesting reading. Anyway in one of the captions a...
  4. Vanner


    The moment you start thinking in two languages at the same time.
  5. Vanner

    67 Schwinn 26 “Stingray” electric conversion

    I’m in the process of doing the same thing to a Cycle Truck that LVBill did to his Corvette. And add 7 speeds.
  6. Vanner

    Show us your Cars!

    My new project. Like my bike, I’m going to leave it in its patina and clear coat it. But the interior will be nice.
  7. Vanner

    Rat Rod Bikes Build Off #17: Let's Go!!

    That movie clip is really cool. It answers a lot of questions I’ve had about klunkers and mountain bikes. I have always enjoyed biking. But only recently got interested in the why and how of building, modifying and restoring bikes. Basically about 10 years ago. Now that my business is built I...
  8. Vanner

    Easter stretch

    One question. By pushing the bottom bracket forward from a position that was originally more under the seat tube, when riding it, did you notice any significant lack of torque from your pedaling? Was this slant back the look you were wanting to achieve? Pretty cool modification. I've been...
  9. Vanner

    1967 Murray/Sears "Sketchy Gretchy"

    I swear, some guys just have all the luck. That is a great find. Most of the ones I find have already been cleaned or restored and the seller wants me to put my soul in hock to buy it. Hope you have some good rides on it.
  10. Vanner

    Easter stretch

    The cantilevers make it.
  11. Vanner

    Tweaker's Rehab - Continued

    All I can say is…….. ..... What mighty fine art!
  12. Vanner

    Same group?

    Just wondering. Thanks.
  13. Vanner

    Same group?

    Is Rat Rod Bikes the same group or owned by the same individuals as The CABE?
  14. Vanner

    Show us your Cars!

    One of my favorite Cadillac body styles. There is one here in Texas not far from our house for sale.
  15. Vanner

    God forsaken in the best of times

    Same here. Lol
  16. Vanner

    Show me your storage.

    I leave my bikes in the driveway and out on the lawn. Hey, that’s the way I did it when I was a kid.
  17. Vanner

    Schwinn Heavi-Duti Front Hubmotor Ebike

    HDratz, I'm looking to do the same thing to my 1964 Cycle Truck that I am restoring. I have been undecided about whether to use a rear hub or front hub, you know , the pros and cons of each. So, why did you decide to go front hub motor? And what brand did you purchase?
  18. Vanner

    Barn-Find 1952 Schwinn Hornet value?

    It’s pretty neat. I’m in the process of stripping down a Stingray and a Cycle Truck for restoration and I’m using it to keep them from rusting until I paint them. It won’t allow the metal to rust again.
  19. Vanner

    Barn-Find 1952 Schwinn Hornet value?

    It actually does something to the rust and the metal and puts the rust back into the metal. I spoke with the guy who developed it but it was way over my head. The info I posted will allow you to get more info on it. I do know from first hand use that it works. It ain’t cheap, as a quart is 40...
  20. Vanner

    Barn-Find 1952 Schwinn Hornet value?

    That’s what I would do and then add a sissy bar and a banana seat and Stingray type handle bars and ride the heck out of it. Then I’d have a 26” straight bar Stingray.