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  1. Hula NZ

    Pacific Paridise Found

    Well here it is as it started out, Great old bike, but made better with a bit of Ratifing........... After a bit of TLC and some hard work, my new ride is ready ( well not quite ) Had a lot of fun on this and want to thank the team at Rat Rod Bikes to make this sort of...
  2. Hula NZ

    ***Kia Ora From New Zealand***

    Hello to all fellow bike builds out there I am Glen Sheaff a strapping 35yr old Kiwi, I live in Mt Maunganui on the North island of New Zealands east coast. Got into beach bikes when me and my wife had our hony moon in CA about 10 years ago, we both got dyno's and rod them all up and down the...
  3. Hula NZ

    Pacific Paradise

    Pacific Paradise My First Build Found this old guy up the back of Tarunaga city, Sticker calls it a Wanderer, which i think made it here all the way from Germany.Nice size frame, love the cool brake set up. looking to do a pacific them with a few mods......... Came apart pretty well, pedals had...