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  1. uneasy rider


    great build-off. i greatly enjoyed it as always. i have found that creating the build thread, documenting ideas and progress, and feedback/ideas/parts from fellow members helps me a lot. the finished project benefits. thank you all again. now the hard part - i only get to choose 5 out of the lot!
  2. uneasy rider

    ItzaRat - SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO!!! 1928 Schwinn Motorbike is DONE!!

    impressive build. if i saw you coming, i'd get out of the way!
  3. uneasy rider

    Speedster 26" BMX Cruiser

    i have always liked that frame. i also like what you've done with it, very nice build.
  4. uneasy rider

    More NOS frames from the dump.

    dood, great story! watching this one....
  5. uneasy rider


    FANTASTIC BIKES!!!!!!!!! what is cool for me are bikes that aren't something i would build, yet i so admire them and the great work that went into the build.
  6. uneasy rider

    1st Place! THANKS! - SteamRoller - Elgin Twin Bar Churnin Urn of Burnin Funk - CompareTwinWins VerBoten SteamRoller

    doooooooooooooood!!!! what an awesome build. you just blew my mind. great bike!!!
  7. uneasy rider

    fly my zephyr

    ok, big day today! last day for build-off and trade deadline all in one day! i don't think i made quite the splash as padres gm preller, but i got er done. changed out seat, this one is not a whole lot better, maybe my seat needs more padding! anyhow, i kind of like it for now w/o fenders, but...
  8. uneasy rider

    BO15 fly my zephyr

    been a busy 4 weeks. started a new job after 4 months of temporary retirement. wow, tougher than i thought, plus summer finally showed up in so cal, warmer weather with humidity (ugh) on top. feeling my age for sure. made the bike rideable, and took her out. rode nice, but i am extremely...
  9. uneasy rider

    BO15 fly my zephyr

    was originally planning a bmx cruiser build w/ bmx fork and bars. used the fork on last build, though i do have another, but decided to go with fork that came w/ frame. unfortunately the truss rods i have are too short, possibly for a 24" bike. i have some painted ones, but wanted chrome, so...
  10. uneasy rider

    BO15 fly my zephyr

    setting up drivetrain. looks like cog/chainring alignment is close enough. that is good. :p unfortunately, nos skippy chain is not long enough. i'm REALLY glad i kept those old skiptooth chains. is there anything worse than needing something not easily found that you sold or threw away? not...
  11. uneasy rider

    BO15 fly my zephyr

    sooooooooo, ordered the cone wrench neither i nor the lbs had, took a week to arrive. ordered the no-turn washer kit, which took 2 weeks to arrive. good news, these washers will work on my straight dropouts. found the skiptooth conversion cog i had bought years ago, and decided to compare to...
  12. uneasy rider

    BO15 fly my zephyr

    so the skiptooth cog is too thick for the nexus 7 hub. thanks for the reply, that's what i'm looking for. i'll check that out. i'm going to commit to this wheelset, as i don't currently have a multispeed bike. if i have to, i'll just run 1 inch pitch chain and ring. straightened the dropout...
  13. uneasy rider

    BO15 fly my zephyr

    haha, thanks for keeping me off the bottom kingfish! i had a hard time finding my post, thought i might have been dq'd already. actually i finally got to my storage to dig for parts, and thankfully found what i was looking for, and even better, stuff i forgot i had!! love it when that happens...
  14. uneasy rider

    BO15 fly my zephyr

    apologies if this name has been used previously. apologize even more for the pic, bad even by my standards. anyhow, i'm in, and am excited to finally build this one. i've had it for a long time, and this is one of my favorite frames. been busy during my layoff from work cleaning out the garage...
  15. uneasy rider

    BO15 Airman

    great stuff! all of it. i wish i had kept the airman monark i had. likin the kombi. hows the surf been in ks? sorry, couldn't resist
  16. uneasy rider

    BO15 Odyssey of Flight

    have always liked that shelby tank, the t-jet one is very close and does fit the frame nicely. great start, gonna be watching...
  17. uneasy rider

    SOLD rare 1937 Snyder Rollfast Straightbar Fastback Frame & Disc Brake Fork

    haha, i also have a similar one and was tempted. actually, mine is a project that is next up, probly as build off entry. nice score
  18. uneasy rider

    Dyno Moto 7

    great bike, just sold my enduro 7, i'm sure i'll miss it. congratulations on the sale/purchase
  19. uneasy rider

    The 5th Annual OddJob Awards!

    cool awards and winners. how about a "switched" model award?... i'm not a muscle bike guy, but looking at these winners, i noticed "sting rat". very cool build with the gearing and brake system. well done sir!
  20. uneasy rider

    Oranjaboom Bomber

    LOVE this build!!!!!!! my favorite frame. awesome action shots/story of race, so much fun. i've got one of these frames waiting to get to, and i pretty much had in mind a similar build. thanks for the inspiration.