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  1. uneasy rider

    fly my zephyr

    ok, big day today! last day for build-off and trade deadline all in one day! i don't think i made quite the splash as padres gm preller, but i got er done. changed out seat, this one is not a whole lot better, maybe my seat needs more padding! anyhow, i kind of like it for now w/o fenders, but...
  2. uneasy rider

    BO15 fly my zephyr

    apologies if this name has been used previously. apologize even more for the pic, bad even by my standards. anyhow, i'm in, and am excited to finally build this one. i've had it for a long time, and this is one of my favorite frames. been busy during my layoff from work cleaning out the garage...
  3. uneasy rider

    mr majestic

    build thread: schwinn 50 something straightbar klunker. my objective was to build a sturdy, simple bike i could bomb around on the trails in my local canyon, using mostly parts i already had. the result far...
  4. uneasy rider

    mr majestic

    ive had this straightbar hangin in the garage for probly 10 years. no plan for it until recently i acquired a very nice hd wheelset from oddjob, thanks Lee! it then became clear that i must build a klunker, always admired them, never had one. can't wait to hit the local trails and take it...
  5. uneasy rider

    Gt rapid transit

    got this last weekend. I really like the nexus internal geared hubs, and this was at a good price. really cool seller even discounted the sale price, as he said it needed a seat and tires. so when I got it home, I saw the wheels were taller than on one of my 26"ers, and so it has a 700 c...
  6. uneasy rider

    2nd tanker in as many weeks

    and this one has a springer too! I don't even know what I'm going to do w/ the one I just bought before this one. this one should be pretty simple though - light clean & lube, seat, grips, tires/wheels, pedals, ride. pretty excited to get this, as I foolishly sold the only tanker w/ springer I...
  7. uneasy rider

    tank rat unknown, help id

    picked this up over the weekend. first find in a long time. western flyer, or?... lmk if you know... I think a repro, just gonna remove decals and paint it, build a simple cruiser.
  8. uneasy rider

    build-off starter kit - strato-flite

    well just picked this up this week before it went to scrap. so when is the next build-off? this one will practically build itself! - already have some of the parts I need, but last time I said that I still haven't finished that bike yet, though I'm making progress....
  9. uneasy rider

    cruiser 7

    picked this up a few days ago. pretty rough, but i just got it for the wheelset. i wonder what i'll find under the blue paint? may have to paint the wheelset, but they are straight.does have a cool folding basket.
  10. uneasy rider

    suburban & a cool folder

    sometimes it's good when pops calls & says come on over & bring your truck 8) . a neighbor in his retirement community has a condo in his building since the 70's, but has never lived there. these were the only things in her garage, and she gave them to dad, as she's seen his garage, which has...
  11. uneasy rider

    private pile

    time to get some projects done so i can justify some new ones :D . i've had this rocket for awhile. originally planned to build it up somewhat original. recently, i was watching an indiana jones movie with soldiers on motorbikes and decided to build up a military themed bike. looking around...
  12. uneasy rider

    late model retro iron

    got this classic 7 yesterday. i had missed or passed on a few, but got this one. originally intended on parting out, wanted the wheelset and a few other parts, but it's in really nice shape and rides real nice, so... :?: gearing is a little low with the tiny sprocket. i didn't realise these...
  13. uneasy rider

    racked and stemed

    swap meet sunday - got this paperboy rack and a stem. i'm wondering if these racks were reproduced @ some time, or if this is an older piece. looks to have never been painted. anyhow, looks like a good way to add a few pounds to a bike. i'm thinking the stem will go well on a klunker i'll...
  14. uneasy rider

    rusty tank ?

    :?: i've got a tank with inside rust, a few pinholes. i was thinking wirewheel inside and repair with fiberglass. any other suggestions?
  15. uneasy rider

    not so fresh airman

    i actually picked this up earlier last year, and couldn't upload pics, so thought i'd try again. been wanting one of these for awhile. this one needs a little more work than i had hoped, but is all there except for light cover ( anyone got one :)) i also more recently got a straightbar...
  16. uneasy rider

    Royal T

    i picked this up awhile ago @ CL. i wanted to get a tank for it, but haven't found one yet, seems to be a hard to come by style. i have, however, collected some other parts for it. i took it apart, and have gone no further, so here is a good time to get this project under way. oh, the name...
  17. uneasy rider

    swap meet schwinn

    hit up the s/w today. haven't found much there lately. i've been looking for a lightweight 3 spd for some time now. this one is a little tall for me, but i couldn't pass for the price. may be a flip. as i'm wheeling it away, it occurs to me i didn't bring a truck, so i had to buy a crescent...
  18. uneasy rider

    b wok (bored wok)

    ok, nothing like coming in under the wire. finished assembly today. bmx bars/gooseneck just didn't work so i scrapped that idea and went with set i got on the craigslist worksman. original owner drilled seat for lightness? so i went for a ride in the neighborhood, and am very happy with the...
  19. uneasy rider

    lunch w/ dad - mtn bike!, unknown straightbar...

    so dad invites me to lunch tues, and i'm thinking to ask him to look for a mountain bike as my son has appropriated mine, and my dad is known as a man who can get things from time to time. so he pulls in with a bike on his rack. i figure he's been on a ride. no, it's for me! a diamondback...
  20. uneasy rider

    bored wok

    ok, corney name, but i've not enough imagination, and this bike will specifically be a boardwalk cruiser, so... i bought this columbia middleweight frame from a board member a few months ago and have been collecting parts for it since. object is to build a lightweight bike that will handle...