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  1. CRASH

    This is wearing me down

    Every morning when I’m leaving the house for work, I keep getting hit by a bike. It’s a vicious cycle.
  2. CRASH

    November 23rd = half way

    We’ve reached the half way point. Just 53 days to go! Good luck! Get ‘em done!
  3. CRASH

    Red BMX seat

    Preferably plastic. Good shape required. Let me know what you've got.
  4. CRASH

    12 gauge spokes

    Looking for 12g spokes that I can cut and roll. Looking for about 110 of them. Looking for new spokes.
  5. CRASH

    What's this called?

    I need to find a replacement pair, but don't know what they are called. It's that bolt on the rear of the dropout. It attaches to the axle, then tightened.
  6. CRASH

    Dead Reckoning

    The problem with finding a decent donor bike is that I now find myself wanting to bring it back to life, vice trashing it. Apparently it's got some historical BMX value, so I reckon I'm going to bring it back from the dead.
  7. CRASH

    Are these wheels anything?

    For sale locally.
  8. CRASH

    Someone’s stash

    Went to buy 1 rim, and the guy made me take it all. Now I have to figure out what to do with it all. I think these are the coolest part. Original Bull Horn bars!
  9. CRASH

    The worst part about having a job....

    They don't understand I have build off bikes to work on! I mean... PRIORITIES! The audacity!
  10. CRASH

    Raleigh BMX

    I know very little about BMX. What do I have?
  11. CRASH

    Monochrome Motocross

    So far I have a name, and an idea. Let the hunt for parts commence.
  12. CRASH

    "It's Never Easy" 1971 AMF Aerobee

    I've been granted permission to enter this bike since not much has been done to it, so let's catch you up. Originally this bike was a project I bought with the intention of just finding the needed parts, putting it back together and selling it. But, in true "You knew it wasn't going to be that...
  13. CRASH

    Super Fueler

    I've wanted to start this build a number of times, but I had problems with the internals of the shifter. It's been years in the making, but I finally had a breakthrough, so I can get it done. I present to you the Super Fueler. It's a 1969 Huffy Super Stock that will be modified in several...
  14. CRASH

    Muscle Bike Inspiration

    For the next few days, to help get some inspirational creative juices flowing for the muscle bike builders, I thought we could throw in pictures of muscle bikes that inspire us!
  15. CRASH

    Seat tube measurement for clamp?

    I need to buy a clamp for a 3-speed pully that will attach to the seat tube. Between 1", and 1-1/8", if I measure the outside diameter of the seat tube, is that precise enough? I'm assuming that's where those sizes are referring. I just want to make sure before I order.
  16. CRASH

    1972 Huffy Slingshot

    This project was originally going to be a mini-build off. I had come across this NOS seat and bought it. A friend of mine, @JNOACK had the same seat. So we were going to figure out our projects and put them to the test. So I hunted down a project and found bits and pieces to put together...
  17. CRASH

    Shimano rear 5-speed hub 28h

    Need a hub like shown. 28 spoke holes. Solid axle. Full hub or shell. Let me know what you have please!
  18. CRASH

    REDUCED Super Spyder XL 26" muscle bike

    Have you always wanted to ride a muscle bike to look cool, but you look like a bear in a circus on one? Here's your answer! Located in California, but will ship to the lower 48 for free! Custom Resto-mod. Adult muscle bike based off the 20" model. New hand-built wheels both front and back...
  19. CRASH

    BMXBO Top 5 winners for 2020/2021

    Congrats to all who made it over the finish line with their builds! It's been a tough season for builds, so thank you for participating! The top 5 finishers for the BMXBO are: 1st Place: "Scramblin" by @Dizzle Problems 2nd Place: "Mag Ray" by @kram 3rd Place: "RIPPER" by @sandman 4th...
  20. CRASH

    MBBO Top 5 winners for 2020/2021

    Congrats to all who made it over the finish line with their builds! It's been a tough season for builds, so thank you for participating! The top 5 finishers for the MBBO are: 1st Place: "The Goblin", 1969 Huffy Rail by ... well... me. :blackeye: 2nd Place: "Cheap Copper" by @kram 3rd...