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  1. Captain Awesome

    What do you bust out when you have a need for speed?

    Screen name checks out
  2. Captain Awesome

    New member from Maryland

    Straight leg BMX fork and the BMX stem 👍 Good desirable Earth Cruiser parts
  3. Captain Awesome


    That's a cool arrangement 👍
  4. Captain Awesome


    Somewhere in the vastness that is YouTube I had saw someone that used a newer 8 speed + (?) cassette and only ran 5 or 6 of the gears and instead of installing the outer most small rings he instead stacked spacers on the backside to get the tire clearance he needed. If my description makes sense...
  5. Captain Awesome


    I'd try a spacer behind the chainring and see what that does for your alignment
  6. Captain Awesome

    Weird 19t vs 18t coaster chain issue

    Looks to me like that 19 has seen better days. Teeth are very worn and I can see several are angled due to wear or load I presume
  7. Captain Awesome

    Hutch model help and now build thread

    Very nice 👍 I like that you kept the original Wald sticker intact. Wish it was in as good of shape as the rest of the bars
  8. Captain Awesome


    That is outstanding! 👍
  9. Captain Awesome

    What have you been riding lately?

  10. Captain Awesome

    Schwinns. Three for free!

    That Sidewinder is absolute collectable gold!
  11. Captain Awesome

    Cockpit shots only

    One handed while filming no less
  12. Captain Awesome

    Cockpit shots only

    Almost got caught on the wrong side of the tidal pool. Mistimed that a bit Another hour and she'd have been axle deep
  13. Captain Awesome

    What have you been riding lately?

  14. Captain Awesome

    Thanksgiving or Thursday?

    He's good. Just busy
  15. Captain Awesome

    Canadian-Italian skinny rust bucket save

    Very cool 😎
  16. Captain Awesome

    GT cruiser

    Outstanding 👍
  17. Captain Awesome

    The Crusty Pistachio

    Sick! Welcome aboard
  18. Captain Awesome

    November 23rd = half way

  19. Captain Awesome


    That's a nice stable 👍