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  1. stik70

    Last new frame from the scrap pile

    Great Job! Your springer fork is a super cool design!
  2. stik70

    EZ Speed

    Does anyone recognize the chain guard and spocket on this? It's a 1950 and was pieced together probably in the '70s. I'm thinking it should have a B-6 style.
  3. stik70

    EZ Speed

    This winter, I bought this from a family friend. He is 87. In the 60's and 70's, he pulled bikes out of city dump. He's liquidated all the bikes as his balance is poor. This is an 'Our Own Hardware' EZ speed Schwinn variant. I think I'll put more correct bars and rear tire on & a better seat and...
  4. stik70

    Born From Junk - Outlaw Origins of Mountain Biking - Cool short film.

    Awesome roots! Can you imagine barreling down those passes on a klunker? Wondering if the oven brazed, mild steel frame would stay intact at high speeds on rock:doh:
  5. stik70

    This is probably the biggest road bike I've seen so far.

    Holy Cats, that's HUGE!
  6. stik70

    Giants need love too...

    Camping at Loon Lake again (google loon lake cemetery). Last year, i brought my 730 Trek, brought the Boulder this time and am enjoying some single tracking. Even hopping over some "logs" at 51😅. Notice the Madden pack i bought in '85 for Ragbrai.
  7. stik70


    Thanks guys! Yes, it was a hardware store in Mankato, MN that put their own badge other mfr's bikes. This one is a Schwinn built, and I've seen Monark's badged as Mahowald on the Cabe. It has a sweet drum brake set up! Kev
  8. stik70


    I was at my friend's estate auction today and scored a new ride. Excited to get it cleaned up and rolling!
  9. stik70

    Giants need love too...

    Spring has broke! This was two weeks ago. Snow and ice gone now and getting the Boulder out doing what it should be doing
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  13. stik70

    New member from the UK.

    Sounds like cool projects!!
  14. stik70


  15. stik70

    Giants need love too...

    Still sportin' the Mountain LX on the brake side of things
  16. stik70

    Spaceliner frame, Blast Off!!

    Today, a friend I met in grade school (because he rode a sweet Schwinn SX100), dropped off this frame for me. What a cool dude! I think I'll harvest some parts off something from the same era and ride it. The license is from '69-70, how cool is that!
  17. stik70

    Box of Covid delivered today...

    Holy Cats! That's Beautiful!!!!
  18. stik70

    Swing-ee Thing-ee Ree-visited

    I dig it! Nice job!
  19. stik70


  20. stik70

    Bikes on bridges

    My Giant Boulder I've owned for 30 years. Nice ride on a beautiful fall day in NW Iowa. Kev