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  1. Lowe Beau

    Spyder inspired Alpine 5

    I have a 70ish Murray here that I’ve been tooling around on. I’ve already painted most of it to a very gaudy (I was going for delightfully tacky) lime green (the original color looked like old urine) and I’m going to reinforce it with another coat. I’ve also changed the seat to a polo style with...
  2. Lowe Beau

    I suppose that this may fit here…

    I’m about to embark on jazzing up this 1970(?) AMF (I assume) Texas Ranger…I may rechristen it “El Diablo Tejano” a.k.a “Bass Reeves” I’ve sorted out the bits and pieces that I’d like to attach and possibly substitute. I wanted to change the stem to resemble the one on my Hercules, but I should...
  3. Lowe Beau

    Faux Tanks…

    Just got this in the mail (along with quadruplets) Color me a bit excited. I’m trying to figure out which ones will get them…Tried one out on an ‘81 Murray Monterey and it doesn’t look too out of place on it. Though I probably need to break out the box cutter and do a bit of trimming. Anyhoo...
  4. Lowe Beau

    Basic but charming. (Still I prefer vintage steel, but hey)

    Another 10 or so miles through the ‘Ham. Honestly with a decent tuning it’ll be okay. Anyhoo hope all’s well with y’all.
  5. Lowe Beau

    For Huffy Savannah fans.

    Just a Thursday Trample in the Tragic City on a Savannah (by Huffy, of course). A quick resto with 8 easy miles on it.
  6. Lowe Beau

    Salutations y’all!

    I must admit that my love of cycling has been exponentially increased by some of the talented customers, fabricators, restorers, ratters and other “kustomizerz”that are on this site (also I love the lack of snobbery, yet I also love the frank advice that some of the subscribers have bequeathed...