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  1. horsefarmer

    What characteristic makes a bike your favorite rider?

    This GT of mine has sentimental value to me, as I was with my late brother when he found it in rough shape at a swap and unfortunately he never got it completed. After I inherited it, I repaired and modified it to suit me. It is light, comfortable and somehow I can make steep hills with it's...
  2. horsefarmer

    1952 Firestone Super Cruiser - Monark built.

    One of the first bike frames I picked up at a swap, I made the nubie mistake of not checking if I could move the seat post before cleaning and painting it. :21: I snapped the end of the stuck post off, then welded an old crank and a pedal axle in it and pounded and twisted, and heated and oiled...
  3. horsefarmer

    DIY spray paint rack

    This was a clothes rack from a local retail store that went belly up like 3 years ago. They were selling fixtures and this was $5. It was too low as-is so I cut the center pillar out and cut it into 2 equal chunks and made the rack 20" taller.
  4. horsefarmer

    Picture download speed.

    Pictures take a long time to download from this site. I do not have very fast internet (2.8 m down) but this is painfully slow. To vote on the class 1 build off It took 3 tries. Twice yesterday once from my android tablet and once on my computer. I was not able to load the 40 pictures. Today...
  5. horsefarmer

    Monark middleweight cantilever info needed,

    Number on frame - 7670-4147045 Build thread... Trying to determine the year this bike was built. Read the following links...
  6. horsefarmer

    Monark Americana cruiser.

    My late brother picked this bike up at Ann Arbor swap 3 years ago, shortly before he passed. I don't think he ever touched it after bringing it home. After replacing a tube and a rim strip and grease and adjust front hub it rode smoothly down the driveway. I extended the seat post and am...
  7. horsefarmer

    The Great (Haro) Escape

    Finished today. build thread is here
  8. horsefarmer

    Next Lajolla aluminum frame project

    Here is a Next Lajolla single speed cruiser bike as sold by Mall-wart circa 2007 for I believe around $90. Not lots of info about these bikes online. Aluminum frame. Inherited from my brother, Unfinished project. Threw some parts on it from the stash, then parked it. What it looks like...
  9. horsefarmer

    Help - How do I add air to a Marzocchi bomber fork?

    Wow it's been Here is the pump I bought. I'm putting these forks to a different bike and I kinda wanted to add more air for my weight. So I bought a shock pump from Amazon and I can't figure out how to add air to 'em. It has the schrader valve deeply recessed - I think it's called a reverse...
  10. horsefarmer

    Tire problems... Reminder to Inspect your bike if "new" vibrations start!

    Evening ride around the country "block" (about 12 mi.)with my wife. I said, do you see anything wierd with my back tire as there is a new shake. She says , "maybe.". When we get home I find this... I know its a 37 year old tire, but it seemed ok with lots of tread, Maybe the tread flew off...
  11. horsefarmer

    Shim to fit 7/8" dia bars to 1" stem.

    I wanted to try some old BMX bars on my Cannondale but the stem needed a 1" dia bar. Using donor cheapo mallwart mtn bike bars, I cut out the clamp area, then cut in half to make shims. Works great!
  12. horsefarmer

    1 1/8 headset bearings in Cannondale frame

    Cannondale H300 was in rough shape when I got it and I think the head stock bearings were damaged and I threw what I could find in my parts stash in it to get it working then. Now I'm experimenting adding a suspension fork to soften the ride a bit and raise the bars a bit. I don't have much...
  13. horsefarmer

    The Great (Haro) Escape

    Picked up this 1997 Haro Escape Mountain bike a couple years ago. See my previous thread - Put the red tires and red fork (the stock rock shock judy fork was collapsed}. Then it just sat. Picked up a couple cool parts on-line...
  14. horsefarmer

    1993 Giant Kronos

    I picked up this 1993 Giant Kronos in nice shape. 21 speeds and frame is 2" taller and 2" shorter than my GT hybrid. 700c23 tires. Swapped bars and stem for a more upright seating position. Acquired used trainer and set it up.
  15. horsefarmer

    Unknown frame

    Picked this bare frame up at a swap a few years ago. No head badge. Serial #J85270. Added some 26" wheels and some other parts to see what it looks like built. Saddle just sitting there as frame has super skinny seat post.
  16. horsefarmer

    1959 AMF twin bar middleweight.

    This is how I acquired the bike. Rideable, but I need more legroom so raise the seatpost... Seller said something about the seatpost being stuck... ;) Seat and post came out with a little p b blaster, but the clamp hardware is Wierd-0. So this is the situation. the seatpost jambs up on a...
  17. horsefarmer

    Building a proper workshop for bikes.

    Don't know quite why, but I have never set up a proper workshop. I just jump from repair to repair, and on a farm that can be almost anything, anywhere, so I am now in retirement getting organized! First step is this Sears drill press dating from the 30's. 1/2 hp motor still runs great - just...
  18. horsefarmer

    Anyone familiar with HERO hubs?

    Digging thru the stash, looking for wheels to build a flip bike or 2. Found a 26" painted steel hoop front wheel that looked a match for a 5 speed rear on a 80's Huffy Mt. bike. Won't fit cause axle thread is too big. The thing is this seems like a very nice hub, too nice for the department...
  19. horsefarmer

    Seat lug / tube crushed too small seat post.

    Seat lug / tube crushed too small seat post. Seat post refused stay put. Turned out seat tube was egg shaped 26mm x 25mm. and used a 25mm seat post! Using the special gap opener tool the lug was restored to original and a 26mm seat post...
  20. horsefarmer

    Homemade truing stand idea

    Going through my stash of wheels and I'm tired of jury rigging zip ties on bike frames. Pulled this old Schwinn frame off the scrap pile and put it in the bike stand.