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  1. Pondo

    61 Corvette

    I picked up this cute little red Corvette last weekend for kicks and giggles. I really like it, it's got cool patina and lots of chrome. There's some non original parts like the rear rack and mirror. Not sure about the seat, I think it might be from an older model. Rims are S2s and I think...
  2. Pondo

    Ritchey MountainBike value

    Hey guys, I'd like to find an original Ritchey MountainBike someday, '80s vintage. I was just wondering about relative values and what they might be worth? I know the very early ones will be very pricey but I don't know about the later ones. I'm thinking something like this: Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Pondo

    Cheater Slick: my first muscle build

    I've never gotten into muscle bikes in my previous lives. I didn't really understand them until I started doing some research for this build off, just wondering if I wanted to try to build one. Lots of reading and inspiring pics later and I am hooked! My first pneumatic tired bike that I got...
  4. Pondo

    Stuck on Skinny

    So, I'd like to do a skinny for this build off. But I'm concerned I've bitten off more than I can chew. With 2 off road builds already, work and house projects these next few months will be pretty full. I've also got a Muscle project in the works for this build off. My original skinny build...
  5. Pondo


    This build is going to be a tribute to the early 70s Crested Butte style klunkers. I really like their care free aesthetic and wild and crazy sensibility. These folks knew how to party! They weren't athletes so much as beer drinkers with a bike hobby. But they did start the Pearl Pass ride...
  6. Pondo


    This build is going to be a reminiscence of the Redline BMX I built up when I was in junior high and rode all through high school. I can't revive my original bike since it was stolen in the early '90s. My original was an '82 (I'm fairly sure) frame that I bought new at the time and built up...
  7. Pondo

    21 bikes for $450 in AZ

    Not mine but if I was local I'd go have a look for sure, looks like some good project material. The url won't work here for whatever reason. Here's the info from Facebook: 21 Vintage Project or Yard Art Mens Womens Cruiser Bicycle Group $450 21 Vintage Project or Yard Art Mens Womens Cruiser...
  8. Pondo


    My Krusty Klunker! It's a postwar Hawthorne 24" frame built up with a 24" mountain bike rear wheel and derailleur and 26" front for a 46er mullet. The fork is an early '90s AMP Research linkage fork that was originally on my buddy's mountain bike back in the day; it's now living a new life...
  9. Pondo

    Advice needed for buying 'correct' parts

    I've been collecting vintage parts to build a '70s era Klunker the same way the Marin crowd did back in the day. I've done pretty good at finding most of the stuff I need with some notable exceptions. I'm still looking for affordable deals on a Brooks B72, embossed Ashtabula stem (probably...
  10. Pondo

    Rocinante my Krusty Klunker!

    Well, I'm pretty late to the game on this one. I've been swamped with house and car projects for most of this year so far with no end in sight. But I recently checked in to see how things are in the bike world and started browsing the build off bikes. What a bunch of great stuff! Shoestring...