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  1. Couch tater

    1996 Bontrager Privateer Comp

    I'm normally not real interested in mountain bikes due to the general lack of mountains and off road opportunities around here. When this one popped up for sale locally as a parts bike though, I snagged it quick. It's an XL size which is what I ride. 100% handmade in the USA, tig welded, cromoly...
  2. Couch tater


    This build has no point and that is the point. Named Oblio from the protagonist in the 1971 animation The Point, I will be building a 1933 Shapleigh Wonder badged Columbia. A couple of years ago, I purchased the bike in NW Indiana where it had been exhumed from a long term storage in a farm...
  3. Couch tater

    1952 Monark Super Cruiser parts bike

    After the build off the hard work isn't done, no sirree Bob. All of them primo ratty parts that I used left gaps in my parts stash and now the chore becomes building the stash back up. This hasn't been a good year for finding good parts mules so when this one popped up for sale I jumped on it...
  4. Couch tater

    Removing a broken, frozen, aluminum stem from a steer tube with drain cleaner

    When I mooched the handlebars from my HBBC cruiser to use on my build off bike I discovered the aluminum stem was broken and siezed inside the steer tube. This morning I dismantled the fork to remove the offending broken part and tried cutting and splitting it followed by heat and penetrating...
  5. Couch tater

    Ne'er -do-well *Deluxe*

    It was fun and now it's done. Thanks to all you ratters for the good times! build thread here That's all folks!
  6. Couch tater

    Felt Jasmine

    I seriously don't have room for any more complete bikes but parts mules are almost always welcome. So whilst perusing the local ads I came across this little honey. The sellers photo showed it hanging upside down from the rafters, covered in cobwebs and dust like Grampa Munster. I mentally...
  7. Couch tater

    A yellow bicycle with words on it

    This afternoon I decided to check the local online market place and a yellow bike with words on it came up for sale an hour earlier. I am over biked but it was cheap, as in real cheap. I'm a skinflint. Cheap and skinflint are like a magnet and steel; the attraction is strong. So I bought it...
  8. Couch tater

    Double Trouble

    Way back in early January, rev106 offered up his Champion tribute frames he named 'Double Trouble'. I bought one. I've slowly been accumulating parts to build it and today it begins. I have today off work and will be taking the frame to a powder coater for some color.
  9. Couch tater

    HBBC SkullXBones Downtown Edition

    Like pretty much everybody here, I have too many bikes. But that doesn't stop me from checking classifieds, mainly looking for parts mules. This bike popped up and the owner kept dropping the price and when it hit $100 I couldn't pass it up. It is an early model Huntington Beach Bicycle Company...
  10. Couch tater

    1947 girls JC Higgins 4 Star

    Way back around November this bike came up for sale online. The price was at the maximum for what I would value it at but being November prices usually have some wiggle room so I sent a general reply to the seller to set up a time to see it. I never heard back. I wasn't interested enough to...
  11. Couch tater

    Ne'er-do-well *Deluxe*

    This bike was going to be a quick and dirty build this past winter but I got way too busy to finish it. What we have here is a 1945 Huffman frame mated to a 1957 Roadmaster (shockmaster) fork. The fork came from a womens frame and I cut it down and threaded it to fit a mens frame. And that is...
  12. Couch tater


    It's winter, I'm bored, gonna build something. This one will be starting with a September, 1945, Huffman frame. It is the same frame that was built for the armed forces under government contract during WW2 except it is a civilian frame so it isn't worth big bucks. I've taken after it a couple...
  13. Couch tater

    1959 Roadmaster Royal Eagle

    I really like the smooth ride of the CWC Shockmaster fork so when this bike came up for sale at $40 I bought it. It was purchased from the retired original owners who are moving to another state. Two parts on this bike grabbed my attention, the fork and the Shelby chainwheel. AMF bought the...
  14. Couch tater

    Hornswoggler *DeLuxe*

    I bought this wreck of a Higgins last summer. It had spent a long time in a farm shed laying flat on a gravel floor. Shortly after bringing it home I gave it an O.A .bath that went spectacularly sideways. Failing to follow any instructions at all, the red paint turned pink and it all had a...
  15. Couch tater

    Redline Big Bock bottom bracket

    I've got a 175mm Redline Big Block crank and have come up zero on finding a bottom bracket or even parts to piece one together. Anyone have any ideas? In the mean time it does make a good tool for taking the bend out of pedal spindles :bigsmile:
  16. Couch tater

    Edwards & Crist Cadillac (1933 probably)

    My build, Harvest Moon, is a rider now. There were some details to finish that I got done this morning, namely pedals and the seat support. The pedals were a challenge with a bent spindle, missing jewel, coat of latex paint, but well worth it in the end. I also had to fit a walnut block in the...
  17. Couch tater

    1937 LaSalle bomber

    The jumping off point. Some people out there are probably shocked to see such a pristine collectable bike get the treatment but a sacrificial lamb it is. There are lots of cool parts on this montage and nothing except the spokes and huge honking sprocket are going to waste, spare parts are...
  18. Couch tater

    Badges! Condiments! Science!

    Due to my penchant of bring extra crusty bikes home I am always on the prowl for ways to ease the de-crusting process. I have heard of the mystical qualities of ketchup being useful in the de-crustifying of stuff so when three packets found their way into my possession it was time to give it a...
  19. Couch tater

    Harvest Moon

    My favorite time of the year is what is known as Indian Summer which can last mere days or sometimes weeks. I have had for a few years a mental vision, kind of a happy place, of rolling along on a motorbike type bicycle during this brief period without a care in the world. This year it becomes a...
  20. Couch tater

    1937 LaSalle

    The last of my New Years Eve score. I had already made the deals on the Firestone Super Cruiser and Edwards and Crist. The LaSalle had Persons teardrop pedals and I asked if he would sell them. He couldn't find a wrench so he sold me the whole bike for my paltry offer (I was pert near broke by...