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  1. horsefarmer

    What have you been riding lately?

    Lower 40's and sunny last couple days. Bundle up and ride!
  2. horsefarmer

    Specialized Crossroads 24 speed

    Sadly a gust of wind knocked the bike over while I left it unattended.:( I thought the only damage was the bars got knocked a bit cattywumpus, but a ride revealed low gear makes a racket and chewed the daylights out of the dork disk! Looks like the jockey wheels and attaching structure may have...
  3. horsefarmer

    1952 Firestone Super Cruiser - Monark built.

    Found another fork in the stash... .
  4. horsefarmer

    The Ugly Truth - Chrome Moly is NOT lighter than "regular" steel

    "Frames made from it can be lighter because they can use thinner tubing IF they are designed to utilize the material's strengths." I am lucky to have a few bikes made with cr-mo. They feel to me that the bikes have a springiness or torsion bar like feel built in without actual suspension...
  5. horsefarmer

    1952 Firestone Super Cruiser - Monark built.

    Tried a set of bars from the stash and a fork from a Ralegh hybrid bike. Really nice looking fork set up for canti brakes.
  6. horsefarmer

    1952 Firestone Super Cruiser - Monark built.

    Assembled with truss rods bent to line up with spring mount bolts in rear. Kinda odd hardware where front of rockers connect to fork, one side has a turned down area on bolt head to fit rocker, other side the nut has the turned down area. Also rear bolts have self locker nuts but bolts seem to...
  7. horsefarmer


    My workspace is in the basement, because Winter. :cry: Comes with restrictions - no paint or pb blaster or anything "stinky". Too close to woodburner. So mostly a mock up and assembly area.
  8. horsefarmer

    What characteristic makes a bike your favorite rider?

    This GT of mine has sentimental value to me, as I was with my late brother when he found it in rough shape at a swap and unfortunately he never got it completed. After I inherited it, I repaired and modified it to suit me. It is light, comfortable and somehow I can make steep hills with it's...
  9. horsefarmer

    where do you mostly shop for parts?

  10. horsefarmer

    Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

    Animals... And a sweet Biopace crank even. :cry:
  11. horsefarmer

    Nice photoessay on our favorite machine

    Beautiful - thank you for sharing this.
  12. horsefarmer

    Bad Rattitude

    I have the same frame. @Wildcat ,ID it as early 47.CWC frame. Are those 20" wheels? Should be interesting.
  13. horsefarmer

    Typhoon klunker build

    But are the bars secure? Maybe add some grooves with a hacksaw.
  14. horsefarmer

    S&S Repo BMX Decal Inquiry

    Easy, drag your mouse over robertk's icon to left of his post and click "start conversation".
  15. horsefarmer

    Bike for my son

    Very true. Also co-op bike shops are awesome.
  16. horsefarmer

    After hurricane yard sale Suburban.

    Man, that green is funky.:)
  17. horsefarmer

    Typhoon klunker build

    Makes sense as it's the side you shoot photos of. I don't want to look and see what I did on my bikes now. Stupid OCD.
  18. horsefarmer

    1952 Firestone Super Cruiser - Monark built.

    Thanks @Wildcat ! I think I will mount the rat trap on another bike to test function. Thought I would add some pics I found from @bikesnbuses RRB for sale ad from 2021 to show assembly details. I will relocate the truss rod as shown.
  19. horsefarmer

    1952 Firestone Super Cruiser - Monark built.

    Tried a couple different forks today. Don't know what direction I'm going to take it. These bolts look a little sketchy, I don't know anything about this fork (never had it on a bike.)
  20. horsefarmer

    1952 Firestone Super Cruiser - Monark built.

    Missed a couple of spots so have to touch up paint. I also found a Wald kickstand that fits. Was prone to get loose so I added a couple tack welds on the underside.