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  1. coasterbrakecustoms

    3rd "PEDALS&PICTURES"-"RAD" on BIG screen/Tour de Fat

    3rd Annual Pedals&Pictures 2011 – Tour De Fat PRE-PARTY!! Oct 14th!! THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!!! If you haven’t been to this event the past 2 years……umm…let’s just say it’s rivaling the actual main event of Tour De Fat. A rowdy but good time! PRE-SALE TIX ARE UP!! Don’t get left standing like last...
  2. coasterbrakecustoms

    "PEDALS&PICTURES"tm-"RAD" on BIG screen-Tour de Fat PREPARTY

    Pedals&Pictures is back by popular demand! So nice we're doing it twice! Once again we're making this New Belgium Tour de Fat pre-event a double feature by again showing the 1986 bmx cult classic "RAD" on the big screen!! "RAD": The story of Cru Jones, a young man who can overcome all obstacles...
  3. coasterbrakecustoms


    Im building a custom trike for a guy in Hawaii and will need to ship it there in pieces. Im going to need to have someone (preferrably a shop) to put it together for him. Can anyone help me out with some reputable suggestions? Thanks!! - Sean
  4. coasterbrakecustoms

    Schwinn "Scrambled"

    1983 26" Schwinn "Scrambled" (Cuzzo Edition) Built for an old school BMX guy that wanted a cruiser to roll around with his girl on. So this was built with old school in mind but with a new school flair. All he gave me the colors and knew it was a 26" cruiser frame. That's ALL he knew until he...
  5. coasterbrakecustoms

    "Tiki Too Long"

    Made this "Tiki Too Long"for a big friend of mine. Started with a Kustom Kruiser...mocking it up. Pulled the fenders, did some powdercoating, changed out the springer, bars, cranks, seat, grips, tires, added some trinkets, cut down the kickstand etc... Before and After shots...
  6. coasterbrakecustoms


    Presented by Catered Creations Media. ( "PEDALS & PICTURES" TM - Oct 9th at MADCAP Theaters in Tempe!! The night before Tour De Fat at MADCAP Theaters on Mill Ave in Tempe (the old Harkins Centerpoint) we're throwing a bike double feature...RAD and...
  7. coasterbrakecustoms

    1950 Schwinn Tornado - Not what it looked like from Schwinn

    Fellow DHP (Dry Heat Panzers VW club) member - John's 1950 Schwinn Tornado how I got it. He wanted it re-done and to match his Type 3 Ghia. Here's how I got it. This is what it wouldve originally looked like from Schwinn. It was a kids bike. Not too bad but not what he wanted. The...
  8. coasterbrakecustoms

    I wish that I had Jesse's......

    HEAVY DUTI! Built this for a friend of mine and man did I fall in love with it. Started as this.... Ended up as this.... The reflective stickers come to life with a flash.... Chainguard BEFORE... Chainguard AFTER... He's from Mesa AZ but the NY plate sorta matched.
  9. coasterbrakecustoms

    Noob to the forums...sorta

    Been lurking for awhile now and finally just posted my 4th of July/Bicentennials up on another thread. I live in Tempe AZ and have been building bikes for years and have really got back into it lately. There is some amazing talent on this site and I just hope to learn from all of you. I do...
  10. coasterbrakecustoms

    My Bicentennials from the 4th.....

    Hopefully Im posting this in the right area. Decided to build some 1976 Schwinn Bicentennials for the wife and me to ride around on the 4th. I busted my a** to get these done in time and just barely made it. Finished them up. Took a shower. Loaded em and bounced to the festivities. Started...