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  1. firstyearchevelle

    Foremost badged Muscle

    I found this at a swap meet this weekend. Missing guard and seat which I probably have. Not sure if the pedals are correct. The serial number is somewhat of a mystery. It doesn’t seem to correspond to any Murray serial numbers. Anyone know what year this could be?
  2. firstyearchevelle

    72 Huffy Rail frame

    Can't find another one in red in Google images. Frame had a console shifter originally. Would like to know if it was a 3 speed or a 5 speed and what chain guard it had. I did find pictures of the earlier 3 bar frames in red as well as short 2 bar frames in red. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. firstyearchevelle

    Monark built, Trophy Frame, Can anyone tell me about it?

    I picked this up a few weeks ago. Can't find much info on Trophy bikes. Skiptooth chain and crank, I don't know if any of the parts are original to the frame. Plate on BB reads: Model no. 3106, Serial no. A008923. Any help would be appreciated (age, built by etc.) Thanks
  4. firstyearchevelle

    Two 10 speed Spyders on eBay

    I think this is pretty neat.
  5. firstyearchevelle

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

  6. firstyearchevelle

    What is this Tandem?

    Very cool frame. What is it? What's it worth?
  7. firstyearchevelle

    Old ladies Skip Tooth

    Picked this up at a local swap meet More pics on the CABE.
  8. firstyearchevelle

    1962 Schwinn Tornado??

    Found this on Craigslist. Serial no. A214478 tells me was built Dec. '62. The 1962 Schwinn Catalog does not show the Tornado. The older catalogs show the Tornado with a different frame. The only bike pictures I can find with this exact frame have 24 inch wheels, this one has 26 inch wheels. Any...
  9. firstyearchevelle

    Rusty Ladies Color Flow

    Found it at a Swap meet Friday. I was going to put a front wheel on it and ride but the rear hub is seized up. Front of bike was trashed, especially the front wheel. Rear fender, skirts, rack and guard are in surprisingly good condition. Not sure what I'll do with it. Anyone know what year it...
  10. firstyearchevelle

    Date this Fairlady

    I have not seen this in person so I don't have the serial no. Can anyone give me an approximate year from the pic?
  11. firstyearchevelle

    Rusty Dragstripper

    Picked this up at a swapmeet here in Jersey over the weekend. A winter project if I find the time.
  12. firstyearchevelle

    What did I just buy?? Serial added

    I really have no idea. I'm really a Muscle bike guy. Found this at a swap meet and it was cheap. What is it? and what year might it be? Front skip tooth chain ring and chain missing as well as all the spokes. lol Thanks-Jim
  13. firstyearchevelle

    Ramshorn Fastback

    Local Craigslist It's a 67 [/url][/img]
  14. firstyearchevelle

    Chrome Flightliner

    Can't wait to get this cleaned up.
  15. firstyearchevelle

    This never happens to me-A FREE BIKE

    In the trash on my street. A Trek 820, I don't know anything about these. It's not in great shape but is ride-able. Klunker parts???
  16. firstyearchevelle

    Girly Flightliner

    Local Cl find, probably use the parts for one of my other Flightliners.
  17. firstyearchevelle

    Swap meet Flightliner

    Found this today at the Englishtown swap meet in NJ. Should clean up nicely. 2 speed hub and the price was definitely right. Does anyone know how to date these?
  18. firstyearchevelle

    63 Flightliner Before and After

    Not really a fresh find. I just finally got around to cleaning this up. I'm not sure if I like the front fork in red.
  19. firstyearchevelle

    Flightliner date help please

    I'm reassembling this right now after cleaning parts and blasting the frame. There was so much paint (5 or 6 different colors) I could not read the serial before sand blasting. Serial # 502 463010 982100. What year is the frame?? Thanks...Jim
  20. firstyearchevelle

    I need help with spoke sizes PLEASE

    I'm using a Wheelmaster 24 x 2.125 36 hole hoop that I purchased from Niagara Cycle and a 1971 Sturmey Archer 3 speed type AW 36 hole hub. I have looked online at spoke sizing calculators and am completely confused. There seems to be so many things to measure and I don't know if I am even...