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  1. Bart52

    A little English project

    Finally found a new project after my last one was stolen. Based on the date on the rear hub, I'm guessing it is a 1964 AMF/Hercules.
  2. Bart52


    I picked up a late 80's/early 90's Schwinn Impact, so I figured I'd try this buildoff thing. The paint and frame are in really good shape, so the only change there will be getting rid of the "cool" graphics. Ordered the parts today for the drivetrain. The derailleur spring was shot, so I'm...
  3. Bart52

    What to do, what to do?

    I picked up this early 90's Schwinn Impact today. I was originally thinking a Rivendell clone, but the geometry/size is wrong for that. So I'm thinking about doing a dinglespeed (never done it that's why) on a ????? Any inspiration out there?
  4. Bart52

    Ghost bike builder?

    Sculpture at ghost town Rhyolite, Nevada
  5. Bart52

    State Bicycle Monolith

    Picked this up last night. Put some pedals on it, and took it for a ride. Added a stem extension after the ride. I have no idea about future mods. Right now I think I'm just going to ride and enjoy the singlespeed, coaster brake fattie.
  6. Bart52

    ID help

    This is a picture of my Dad back in the 40's with a bike that he scrimped and saved to buy for delivering newspapers. Any ideas of what it is, besides cool?
  7. Bart52

    My adult sized "ray"

    A child of the 60's and 70's, I had to build an adult sized muscle bike using a '65 Schwinn king size
  8. Bart52

    New guy from Eastern NC

    I've been stalking the forum looking for inspiration. I picked up a '52 Schwinn and did my first build, so I thought I better sign up. Looking forward to my mext build already. After I figure out a sestpost since I've already bent the one in the picture.