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    bicycle serial numbers

    hey now kind friends. i am trying to find out the brand and age of a bike i have. i have the serial number but don't know what to do with it. is there a serch engine or something i could use? i beleave it's an english bike. has 40 spokes on theback wheel and a coaster brake. the back upper wish...
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    Clear! ha, going to let the whole thing rust over then maybe some rust converter and pinstriping.
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    ~~~ Huffy Rod ~~~

    radical that is rad, one of the coolest bikes i've seen, must have taken hours. well worth it.
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    Hay guys, love all the bikes i'm seein' this is my newest creation, still very much a work in progres. keep up the good work. [/url]
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    Truss Rods

    How’s it going all? I want to make my own truss rods for my new cruiser I’m building (photos up soon), was wondering if any of you could put up some pictures of different types... I figure I’ll just bend up some rod and flatten one end out with an oxy torch and a hammer and drill some holes...
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    A Rat From Down Under

    thanks lurker i had no idea about all the different types, but now you explain it a lot makes since. i've been serchin for a frame for years but to no success. thanks for the history much appreciated. i dig your 'long fame' example, very cool. XXX
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    Sorry Jetro i'm Sydeny. i go down to melbourne evry now and then though. Rad bike. Is 'Loco Lowriders' still open? And yeah EasySkywalker there 20" wheels. thanks all for your feed back.
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    More pics Here are some more pics... [/img]
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    G'day All This is my Rat Dragster I’m building at the moment. About 20 bikes have gone into this one, and many hours of valuable time. I have no idea what the frame is or any of the other parts for that matter. The head light and tail light (the tail light has not been fitted in these photos...
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    A Rat From Down Under

    G'day all. I've been working on bikes for a few years now and have always had a pretty strong attraction to the cheap variety (being a starving student). the one i have at the moment is a rat dragster I've been building over the last few months. Hope you all dig it. I don't think you...