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  1. chepe13

    Firme Tricla

    I unfortunately ran out of time for some of the other upgrades I wanted so the trike is rolling as is! All good, I’ll just have to post update pics later. Nothing fancy here, just a painted trike with some add ons. Still though, I fee it’s a huge upgrade over its original look.
  2. chepe13

    RRBBO13 Firme Tricla

    I originally bought this tricycle for my son about a year and a half ago, but once I got it home I realized that it was too big for him. So as a result, it just sat around collecting dust and some rust. My son eventually grew into his trike but the way it looked never sat right with me. The...
  3. chepe13

    Cycle Truck

    I'm entering a little late I know but, I just wasn't sure what frame to build up. I decided to use this worksman LGB that I can't seem to get rid of. It's still painted in its factory red color and I thought of just keeping it red but the truth is, the factory paintjob is pretty bad. I'm...
  4. chepe13

    24" Pig Bike

    I've been toying with the idea of making a 24", skiptoothed, ape and nanner style bike for about 6 months now. After several attempts, different paints, and a frame change or two, I feel I have finally nailed the look and ride I was going for. There were several issues that arrived while...
  5. chepe13

    New 24" musclebike.

    After months of trying with my late 40's CWC roadmaster frame, I have called it a quits. The lines of that bike just didn't fit with the look I was going for. So..... I replaced that frame with this frame, similar but it's actually 2" longer than my Cleveland frame, I'm just not sure what...
  6. chepe13

    Worksman lgb

    I picked up a worksman LGB a few weeks back and posted it on the fresh finds section but I didn't get much feedback. I was wondering if anyone knows how much these go for? It's just the frame, fork, and chain. Thanks. The paint is clean, no major scratches or anything.
  7. chepe13

    Worksman LGB

    I had a friend pick this worksman lgb cycletruck for me over the weekend. I'm so excited about this, I've been on the hunt for a one of these for some time now. I not sure what I will exactly be doing to this but, a nice, stained, wooden crate will be used instead of a metal basket. What do...
  8. chepe13

    CWC no name yet

    So... Here is my entry for the MBBO2013, I'm pretty late but hey, better late than never. I picked up this 1949 Cleveland Welding bike a few months ago, it was all complete except for the seat. When I bought it on the bay, I was under the impression that it was going to be a 20'', but upon...
  9. chepe13

    1941 Roadmaster

    My new 1941Cleveland built Roadmaster, pretty sure the paint isn't original but it is old, I just cleaned the fenders, frame, fork, and wheels with SOS pads and sprayed it with a flat clear. Added some cream tires, schwinn grips and a coon tail. It's just about finished, just need to rebuild one...
  10. chepe13

    Worksman Build

    This is a worksman build that I just wrapped up.
  11. chepe13

    My Roadmaster

    Not really a new build, just re-doing a bike of mine. It was a flat black bike with brick colored tires, the thing is, I just grew sick of it. The flat black turned chalky and was starting to look like crap, so I stripped my frame down and used some left over samples of brown patina from sculpt...
  12. chepe13

    24'' Schwinn

    what's up fellas, I was lurking on Cl and saw an add for an "old schwinn", the asking price was very reasonable compared to other prices on Cl, so I called the guy up and made an offer. I'm pretty sure that it is an old schwinn, just not sure about the year. It has a cool old stem, and the bars...
  13. chepe13

    Firestone Muscle Bike!

    I picked this Bike up a several weeks back, My original plans were to just clean, regrease and polish it and then give it to my nephew. He loved it the first time he saw it, but told me it would look awesome in a silver and black scheme like my truck.. haha.. So I got to working on it, anyways...
  14. chepe13

    Coppertone/Duplicolor Question

    Whats up Guys, I have been searching for a coppertone schwinn for a while now with no luck. I now that Dupli-Color makes a burnt copper metalic paint and I was wondering if anyone had used this paint, or had a pic of the two side by side for a quick comparison. Thanks, -Chepe.
  15. chepe13

    Firestone Muscle Bike!

    Came across this on CL a few days ago, i contacted the seller today and made a reasonable offer. 30 minutes later I was back home and riding around the block and smiling like an idiot :lol: This is the first muscle type bike that i have ever had, I don't know anything about the model but i am...
  16. chepe13

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  17. chepe13

    Seatpost clamp question

    Quick question, I am currently building up my 36 Hawthorne and ran into something that I did not see coming. The bike has a lucky 7, 5/8'' diameter seatpost, I am trying to run a brooks saddle with a 7/8'' clamp. Is there a clamp that I can use to resolve this? Or does anyone know of a seat...
  18. chepe13

    Once again, a Monark Springer fork PROBLEM

    So after reading reviews, and all the negative feedback, I STILL went out and purchased a re-pop springer. It was on sale off of, and I had just flipped some free bike parts on Ebay so I had some spare cash and went for it. It was 130$ but I really only ended up paying...
  19. chepe13

    Early Motobike Build

    So I posted this earlier in fresh finds and I got around to "cleaning" it earlier tonight. I am not sure what the year is but I know that it is a Schwinn World, it had 28" steel clad wooden wheels on it but the wheels were just to bent and damaged beyond repair for me to use. My plans are to use...
  20. chepe13

    Early Schwinn ''The World" motobike

    I just found my next project bike! its an earlier schwinn 28'' wheel bike, unfortunetly the wheels are gone but i do have the hubs. The tank is also missing, I cant wait to get into this thing, I am still deciding wether or not to lace up the hubs to a new style hoop or try and track down some...