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    Custom 1978 FreeSpirit Chopper

    Selling 1978 Custom Free Spirit chopper. I built this for the Bike Build Off competition! Was my first time entering and came in 5th.Bike Frame is a candy red, Sissy bar, chainguard and spider tank were all custom fabricated. The build can be found under the BBO section of this site. Tons of...
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    White Widow

    Thanks, Appreciate the answer. Theres a facebook group dedicated just to these specific bikes and I've seen guys get $700 for a clean restore but not complete or stock color. I just have no idea if custom brings price down .... regardless, I'm trying to not get too attached or my garage will...
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    White Widow

    Can anyone put a value on selling a build like this?
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    School me on "muscle"

    I think everyone kinda nailed the "why" I was born in 69, So growing up my older brothers both had muscle cars, 69 firebird, 72 Chevelle SS 454, Roadrunners, Z28's, 64 Falcon, 70 Challenger, 69 Barracuda, 64 impala SS 409, the list goes on! Both my brothers were always selling and buying the...
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    Vintage Adult 20" DeSoto Trike Lowrider

    Thats a super cool frame. I would like to try a trike build, have to put it on the bucket list. What brand bike is that? and what is the age?
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    New to Charleston, new to the forum.

    Oh cool! I will check out your build! Im in mt pleasant area are u in the city?
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    White Widow

    My build link
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    New to Charleston, new to the forum.

    I will I have to locate my hard drive with ll my picts. Only bummer is I forgot to do before pictures...I have since learned my lesson!
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: Deadline extension: March 15th.

    So I have a dumb question, but do people typically vote for themselves along with all the bikes they like?
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    White Widow

    Thanks! Had a ton of fun!
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    White Widow

    Thanks man!
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    Apollo Racer

    Funny because looking at it you would think it must be sturdy! Sounds like driving and old 60's car, you make a turn and you feel like you're in a boat...Took a lot more skill to drive cars back then! I guess bikes are no different. I took the chopper bike out for a run and with that rake on the...
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    White Widow

    OMG! I didn't know that...they get pretty far o those little legs.
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    1983 Diamond Back Silver Streak: Diamond in the Rough

    Nice build, Such an iconic 80's bmx bike. I remember the ads in BMX Plus magazine. I literally just sold off my silver streak, it was hard but I needed to thin out the bikes to make room for my old Ford Galaxie. Trying to remain happily married, ha!
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    Man the scrambler was one of the first BMX style bikes I saw as a kid, my older bro had one. Jumped clear across the front yard on it. Total Evel Knievel Style, crash and all. Sweet build, I really want to put one of those on my build list!
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    fun ride, I dig the pegs too.
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    Desert Danger

    Cool theme. Looks great...Love the army man skull!
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    Apollo Racer

    super clean and love your photography
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    Great bike. Great color!