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  1. ezernut9mm

    my 60 galaxie.

    here's a few pics of my 60 galaxie and my schwinn speedester. i think i need to paint one to match the other, any input? i know what would be easier. lol our pit at greaserama 2013: the speedster:
  2. ezernut9mm

    byebye green cuiser

    just traded off this green schwinn for some early 90's technics tower speakers. omg. i forgot what it was like to hear music the way it was meant to be heard. still, it kinda hurt to see the bike go. he is a friend though, so it's not that bad.
  3. ezernut9mm

    a nice pair (schwinns)

    i picked up a couple of middleweights the other day. i guess i'll dump any and all progress pics in here. black 63 speedster: it currently has the original s5's on it and i'm wondering if an s7 will fit one of these "camelback" style frames. red 60? panter II: spent about ten...
  4. ezernut9mm

    ape hangers and a springer ftw!

    awesome scene from an otherwise crappy movie. very bike related.
  5. ezernut9mm

    pacific legend.

    freebie. found it down the street with an extra wheelset. aired up the tires and rode it around. everything works. shimano 21 speed shifts good. i was going to part it, but i think my oldest son is interested in it. crappy pic:
  6. ezernut9mm

    reflector and headlight ???

    anyone know what the original reflector would have looked like on my monark? and are they available anywhere? also, i need a lens and bezel (i assume they are separate) for my headlight. is it a delta martin? i think that's what i read. i dunno. i am still learning. any help would be appreciated.
  7. ezernut9mm

    my 62 middleweight...

    finally got it all pieced together and made a lap around the block. rode pretty good. i need to mess with the gearing, but i think i have a line on a 2 speed kickback so i will wait and see what comes from that. it's not much, but here it is:
  8. ezernut9mm


    anyone ever messed around on flickriver? as an example, i just typed in schwinn and came up with over 40,000 pictures. you can type in anything and come up with some really cool pics.
  9. ezernut9mm

    three today

    when it rains it pours. last fall i had one wm cruiser. now, i have that, a 62 middleweight project, a monark, collegiate, and coast king. i bought the collegiate and the coast king off a scrapper for 11$ in hopes of salvaging some useable parts, and i bought the monark because it looks cool...
  10. ezernut9mm

    60's? monark?

    just picked this up today and have no idea what year it might be. the seller wasn't sure either. i tried looking for serial numbers on the web with no luck. it appears to be pretty original, but i am still a rookie. thanks for any help. serial no. 1H763129
  11. ezernut9mm

    dropout/axle sizes.

    i keep hearing everyone say (type) that all newer 26 cruiser wheels will fit, but i tried to put the wheels off my huffy cranebrook on my 62 middleweight frame and forks and the axle shafts were a bigger diameter and wouldn't fit into the drop outs. anyone else run across this problem?
  12. ezernut9mm

    61-66 ford truck guy.

    ok. so i got back into bikes through a ford truck seat for schwinn frame trade. i am pretty clueless still in the bike market, but am learning. i have spent way too much time with the 61-66 ford trucks and i think my brain is full. lol. anyways, here is my 61 "uni". i am thinking about doing my...
  13. ezernut9mm

    noob from kcmo

    hey guys. just got back into bikes after 28 year hiatus. lol i haven't owned a bike since i was 14 and sold my kuwahara bmx bike to start saving for a car. now i have a 62 corvette frame and forks i am trying to build on and use as a show/meet cruiser. i hope to learn lots from you guys, so...