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  1. Mr Miyagi

    Motorcycle-style headlight, anyone?

    I went the opposite direction by stepping down from a 6.5" headlight to a smaller 4.7" unit. I had a fairly large 6.5” LED headlight – 48V Hi/Lo Beam Function 400 lumens w/optional lens guard from the Revi Bikes Cheetah that I replaced with a brass finned grill black bobber headlight.
  2. Mr Miyagi

    Ruff Tango electric build

    The attention to detail on your ride is downright amazing!
  3. Mr Miyagi

    "Chop Suey"

    Found the perfect spot for my drink holder...your drinks may vary.
  4. Mr Miyagi

    20s Indian Tribute e bike

    Amazing work!
  5. Mr Miyagi

    BIKES with TRUCKS photo

    Old time ride.
  6. Mr Miyagi

    "Chop Suey"

    I finally got my new Cruiser Select Airflow ES by Cloud-9 installed and it is as close to the perfect seat for me, riding. 30 to 35 miles per ride on the bike path along the SoCal beaches and out on fire roads it is simply amazing! 5 stars!
  7. Mr Miyagi

    Micargi Royal Dutch

    Gezzz farmer! you're bike has near perfect proportions. The Micargi Royal Dutch Bike was a great starting point too. It shows absolutely beautiful attention to detail and great craftsmanship!
  8. Mr Miyagi

    GT Harley Davidson NOS Build.

    That reminds me..."I need to machine a fork brace! Your build turned out very nice man!!
  9. Mr Miyagi

    New Ruff Porucho build

    That front fork looks like machined artwork! Hoping you get your seat suspension dialed in. Very nice work!
  10. Mr Miyagi

    1930s Shelby Motobike ebike conversion

    You do amazing work on your builds.
  11. Mr Miyagi

    1930s Shelby Motobike ebike conversion

    Man Shelby, your restomod is very cool! Bringing antiques back to life is a much harder road to ride…
  12. Mr Miyagi

    "Chop Suey"

    Rusty, Those Trust-Link Forks are super cool! reminds me of a praying mantis... Tallbikeman, Have you considered the Kinekt Suspension Stem as an addition to your suspension fork?
  13. Mr Miyagi

    "Chop Suey"

    Those RADCity bikes have received 4.8 stars on the EBR! Another plus is that you and your wife can enjoy the great outdoors together! I purchased my bike mainly on aesthetics as it reminds me of the good old motorcycle riding days. I do hope you can find a springer front fork that will work...
  14. Mr Miyagi

    "Chop Suey"

    I've actually decided to move on to other projects as my test drive of a springer equipped bike left me a bit disappointed. I have installed a Kinekt 2.1 Aluminum Suspension Seat-post and fully enjoy the smooth ride it has provided which is the perfect match to the telescopic front suspension...
  15. Mr Miyagi

    "Chop Suey"

    I finally got to test ride a Springer Front Fork equipped bike and was thoroughly disappointed with the suspension feel as opposed to my current downhill telescopic tubes. I was so bummed by it's pogo stick like action and no real way to adjust the compression and rebound dampening. Which is...
  16. Mr Miyagi

    "Chop Suey"

    Hi bruised, Your Stingray looks awesome and can’t wait to see it completed. I have studied the Monark Fork and as beautiful as the WEZWORLD design is, I would like to machine a more motorcycle inspired fork utilizing the stock triple clamps and fork tubes and adding the dual rate upper and...
  17. Mr Miyagi

    "Chop Suey"

    Thanks for the reply MattiThundrrr! I've been contemplating the fabrication of the classic "Springer Front Fork" which I think would be much more fitting on my e-bike. and although it has been done before, I don't find any that utilize the 4" fat tire with a disk brake setup as of yet.
  18. Mr Miyagi

    "Chop Suey"

    Thank you for allowing me to post my new found retirement past time....carving custom made bike parts! Cheers & Merry Christmas to all the bike lovers here.
  19. Mr Miyagi

    "Chop Suey"

    Then drilled and tapped the clamps on a manual machine.
  20. Mr Miyagi

    "Chop Suey"

    I bought two chunks of aluminum to machine the new triple clamps. CNC'd a large portion of the cutting.