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  1. Pondo

    Super Fueler

    Koolness incarnate! Man this thing rocks!
  2. Pondo

    Dead Reckoning

    Wow, this one really turned out sweet!
  3. Pondo

    Monochrome Motocross

    Another beautiful build. That came out sweet!
  4. Pondo


    Beautifully done! It's really got the 'look'.
  5. Pondo

    83? Ross Mt Chromey

    Nice score! That's going to be a fun project. :thumbsup:
  6. Pondo

    Blue Meanie update!

    Looking good! That's going to be a lot of fun with a motor in it!
  7. Pondo

    Cheater Slick: my first muscle build

    It turns out we're getting a flood year here. Back to back storms for the last several weeks in addition to work and life in general has prevented me from making any progress. We're not literally flooded out of our homes here like in some parts of the state, just very very wet. I'll bring...
  8. Pondo

    Freeliner with 3 x 1 gearing is GO!

    What a beauty, nice work!
  9. Pondo

    29'er Electra build.

    I like the bare steel look too. Really nice work!
  10. Pondo

    Super Fueler

    I'm speechless, dude. This thing is absolutely incredible! The forks, wow they really make the bike. Every single thing on this bike is top notch. Your builds are truly amazing. Nice work CRASH!
  11. Pondo

    Old Glory

    Love the handlebar treatment. Bike is looking great!
  12. Pondo

    "It's Never Easy" 1971 AMF Aerobee

    Amazing! This bike came out so awesome. I love the paint, chain guard, shifter, grips, pretty much everything. The level of detail is amazing. Really nice job man!
  13. Pondo

    (never give up) Hope4muscle

    Looking kool! I really like the gears and shifter on it. Looks pretty comfy too.
  14. Pondo

    2 OUTTA 3

    I really like this bike. The motorcycle bars and seat plus the frame and truss rods. It's got a really cool look about it. I love the idea of a mini bike motor in it too!
  15. Pondo


    The Ladybug turned out great! Everything goes well together. The Ladybug theme works. I love the radial laced front wheel too. Nice!
  16. Pondo

    Red Rider

    Yeah, man, that bike turned out great. Looks boss!!
  17. Pondo

    '60 Corvette 2-speed

    Nice score!
  18. Pondo

    "It's Never Easy" 1971 AMF Aerobee

    Gorgeous bike, beautifully done CRASH! More inspiration for my build. If I can get much done with this 'atmospheric river' that we're experiencing at the moment.
  19. Pondo


    Very creative fabrication, very kool!
  20. Pondo

    Super Fueler

    Are those the glue-on sidewall letters?