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  1. Pestcontrol02

    Howdy from New York.

  2. Pestcontrol02

    New Rat Member

  3. Pestcontrol02

    Malibu Canyon….

    Looks like fun.. 😎
  4. Pestcontrol02


  5. Pestcontrol02

    Mixed up Mixte

    awesome! Love the chrome.
  6. Pestcontrol02

    HEALING the soul

    Looks great, nice work👍
  7. Pestcontrol02

    Fenders or Fenderless ?

    Its honestly great either way but.. I like it better without.
  8. Pestcontrol02

    New builder

    Welcome! post apocalyptic is my favorite! Heres a motoped for came with a crossbow and fuel cans! I don’t know if they still make them but I always wanted one.
  9. Pestcontrol02

    No room in the garage.

    Lol.. haven’t been able to keep my bike in the house since I got married.😂 During my single days the whole squad would bring their bikes in.. do repairs, upgrades, cleaning, etc.. 4 tvs sets for sports, horse racing, video game and WWF raw is war.. Ice cold beer on tap… a fun time to be sure.
  10. Pestcontrol02

    My first post...

  11. Pestcontrol02

    First Post!

  12. Pestcontrol02

    Murray Drag Star Bike

    Super cool.. nice work👍
  13. Pestcontrol02

    Pretty strange rear wheel arrangement

    Lol.. hard to believe it actually works.
  14. Pestcontrol02

    U.P. bike shop owner killed in traffic accident

    RIP F for respect
  15. Pestcontrol02

    Little Bubba

    That’s beautiful man. God bless you🙏
  16. Pestcontrol02

    California license blue decal

    Having been raised in NY I’m actually kind of shocked we didn’t have these same extortion requirements. I found places in California that have bicycle license applications on their websites… oddly, couldn’t find the cost of any of them.
  17. Pestcontrol02

    California license blue decal

    Agreed, crazy is everywhere. It’s not fair to single out Cali. Thank you. I thought it was some old timey horse and carriage era stuff, did not realize it was still a thing in the 21st century. Ive never lived in a place that required it so I didnt have clue. Glad to learn something new. 👍