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  1. VanDam

    Giant bmx cruiser convertion

    Very nice!
  2. VanDam

    Before & After Pics

  3. VanDam

    Before & After Pics

  4. VanDam

    Some scores/Upgrades/Stuff

    Supper cool build, love the lock still on the tube.
  5. VanDam

    You can't do that...

    Looks good!
  6. VanDam

    What's in your collection?

    A few I have.
  7. VanDam

    Are these wheels anything?

    I have never seen any like that before. Look neat tho.
  8. VanDam

    BMX bikes.Lets see'em!!!

    1982 Murray X201979 Schwinn Mag Scrambler
  9. VanDam

    1977 R&R Screamer

    Early race frames, everything you would want there, very cool find.
  10. VanDam

    Today’s catch.

    Luckily I paid well under the original MSRP…
  11. VanDam

    Today’s catch.

    63 Schwinn 24”
  12. VanDam

    Misc parts for sale

    PM sent
  13. VanDam

    Show us your Cars!

  14. VanDam

    BMX bikes.Lets see'em!!!

  15. VanDam

    Show us your Cars!

    1983 C10, My oldest getting senior pictures done with my truck.
  16. VanDam

    Withdrawn Schwinn S-7 24” Wheel set

    There are a few loose spokes, tires hold air and they roll well. Here they are mounted. I will get you some better pictures.
  17. VanDam

    Withdrawn 70s Girls Huffy Sweet Thunder

    This bike is still available.
  18. VanDam

    Withdrawn Schwinn S-7 24” Wheel set

    Bump, 24s are hard to find.
  19. VanDam

    Withdrawn 60s Huffy Twin Top Tube Frame and Fork

    Frame is still available, this is the perfect winter project to build and have ready for cruising in the spring.