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  1. DesmoDog

    Who are you? (with a bike of course)

    Oh! Forgot about this one. A very early pic that I've shown here before. Maybe even in this thread. I'm old, leave me alone!
  2. DesmoDog

    Another Stingray

    I'm a big Schwinn fan due to working in a Schwinn shops for 10+ years back in the day. I wasn't a huge fan back then though.... funny how that works. Anywhos, being of Stingray age in the '60s I always wanted one but my bike was a Huffy Cheater Slick back then. A copy, but I still rode the...
  3. DesmoDog

    Who are you? (with a bike of course)

    With a bike? Check! Oh.... I'll bet you meant bicycle... ok. It's even older than that one but I don't have many of me
  4. DesmoDog

    BLO on Raw Aluminum?

    I've run bare aluminum on motorcycle parts and it works out fine for what I do. I wouldn't bother with anything if the part is somehwat polished or burnished. But then i"m not into show quality stuff either. To me, the issue with clearcoats is they can yellow/flake and make things worse than...
  5. DesmoDog


    I'm not sure if it's brilliant, but it is absolutely soild. I've never worked on a stand that is more soild mounted than that one. There is NO (discernable) give or flex in any of it.
  6. DesmoDog

    Rat / Rod Model Kit Bash Challenge II

    $30 for a plastic model kit? Dang, I've been out of it for a LONG time...
  7. DesmoDog

    Question for those who are running Mooneyes Moon Discs

    It's a male (inner) and female (outer) fastener that screw together.
  8. DesmoDog

    Triple Threat Skinny Voting Poll

    I'd ride the '56 Racer because, you know, RACER. But I'd still lose. Cuz I'm old. And out of shape. But I wouldn't finish last! Probably. Well maybe.
  9. DesmoDog

    Post Triple Threat Lovefest

    I went with three votes per section too. Or tried to anyway. I wasn't successful... but I tried...
  10. DesmoDog

    J.C. Piggins

    IMHO that isn't the result of something dragging across a fresh line. It may have been done by a machine or at least used some sort of jig to make it easier for a human and the start/stop point of the pinstripe wasn't dialed in quite right yet. First one after a long weekend maybe... That's...
  11. DesmoDog

    Triple Threat Off Road Voting Poll

    Oh man, I'm trying to vote for three in each category, but there are so many cool bikes in this one! (Full disclosure, it's my favorite category of the three...)
  12. DesmoDog

    What Clear coat to use with new paint job?

    If that paint doesn't say it needs a clear coat, it doesn't. Two-stage paints, aka color/clear, base/clear etc need a clear coat because the base coat isn't intended to stand up to the elements or chemicals. I'm not all that familiar with spray cans but I can't think of any two stage spray...
  13. DesmoDog

    What Clear coat to use with new paint job?

    If Duplicolor makes a clear I'd use that. Number of coats depends on what you're trying to do. Follow the directions on the can? I'd use just enough to bury the graphics you're trying to cover. If you aren't trying to bury graphics and it's not a base/clear system, I wouldn't use a clear coat...
  14. DesmoDog

    How did you come up with your AVATAR ? And Screen Name ?

    Way back in the day I used to have a username that I used everywhere. So late one night I"m signing on to a new forum and as it turns out some miscreant has already used MY name. The nerve of some people. So I'm sitting there trying to think of a new name when into the room wanders my dog...
  15. DesmoDog

    Rusty chain restoration

    Reminds of my days as a bike mechanic. We had a contract to service all the Airdynes in a local health club and one day I was called over to fix every one of them. It seems a maintanence guy there decided muriatic acid (IIRC) would be a really fast way to clean all of the chains. I got to...
  16. DesmoDog

    Motorcycle-style headlight, anyone?

    I have a couple similar style lights in some old Ducatis and I put an Acewell speedo in one of them. It took a simple adapter ring but it means I can use and size wheel/tire since it's all electronic. If you don't want to use a magnet and sensor set up, they also have a gizmo that screws into a...
  17. DesmoDog

    Typhoon Too

    I gave up on waiting for good weather and took a couple shots in my basement. The finished build thread has been posted, and the Typhoon is now considered done. Until I start riding it and changing things.
  18. DesmoDog

    Typhoon Too Finished

    The finished bike Build thread is here The weather isn't cooperating for decent pics so I'll post up a couple from my disaster area of a shop along with something from earlier when the Typhoon was done but not really. Here we see the two...
  19. DesmoDog

    Typhoon Too

    Yikes! I came here to take the latest pics and post a finished build thread... only to find I never took finished pics! Oops. Well, it's done. I'll be posting a finished thread after I take a few pictures tomorrow! (I hope...) I'm looking forward to doing a little bombing around on this in the...
  20. DesmoDog

    1956 Schwinn Racer Finished Bike

    I thought I was going to take nicer pictures of this, but that's not looking good so I'll post up the finished thread and get on with other things... I bought it because the front fender has a fin on it. That's only a slight exageration, I've been looking for a 1962 Schwiin on and off for a...