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    Jeff Goldbloom on Bikes

    If its for free its for me, and I’ll take two! ;) Thx for the thumbs up on the episode.
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    Monark girl’s head shroud

    I hope someone in this group who has already done this will chime in: I have a girl’s head tube shroud that was in rough condition, so I cut off the point and trimmed the end to see if it could be made to fit a mens bike. Only problem is I don’t have a mens tank monark. It doesn’t fit my...
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    Whizzer, dyno and other random parts

    Is the rear fender for a pacemaker/24”?
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    24” rear ducktail fender

    I’m looking for the aforementioned fender. Hope someone here has one or knows where I can get one. Thx
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    Felt Thick Brick 24”x3”

    Did you sell that wheel set?
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    26" Wheel with nexus 3 spd drum brake hub

    Hi. I bought a set recently. When I got them I stripped them down, cleaned them up and lubed them and they are like new. Rolls straight and spins like a dream. Thx
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    My build - Gassy Gary

    Nice. I bought the Sturmey RD5 recently. By jackshafting to the chainring allows you to use the gears then? I am setting on those particulars myself right now. Thx
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    Suspension seatpost ?

    Who needs a suspension seat when the bike is full suspension, eh?
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    Suspension seatpost ?

    OUCH the visuals, LOL. But this has given me an idea for a sturdy spring post from this post. I'll post it when I get to putting it together.
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    Death Trap

    It's not always that someone comes up with a name for my bike that I care about, but when they do it just "fits". ;)
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    PSYCHO '78 finished

    Yep. Aint that how it starts. Cool story. thx for sharing that one. ;)
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    PSYCHO '78 finished

    yeah, that blanket seat is a nice touch.
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    less and less

    Every day i go to my FB bike groups there is at least one that someone is asking how to clean rusty chrome for the 900th time. I love being able to search and find several responses to the topic that i can mash up or pick and choose between. The experienced people don't hang there so you're left...
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    Painted my Chrome bars

    Thanks for the tips. I have an old handlebar set that has a shape I want on my bike but the chrome is long gone. I will be painting them after I clean them up well. I'll give VHT a try.
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    Painted my Chrome bars

    good to know. Thx
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    Balloon tire fixie upgrade

    Thanks a lot. I'm enjoying reading that site.
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    Balloon tire fixie upgrade

    Thanks for that.
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    Locking springer fork to TRADE ONLY

    I have a 1980's(?, I was told) locking capable springer fork in excellent/as new condition. Never been installed. In the pics you see the chrome spring arm mounted. I also have the primered arm. I am looking to trade for a tank for either 1946-7 CWC/Roadmaster roadster, or 1938-41...
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    Balloon tire fixie upgrade

    Thyx, that's what I'm looking for right there.
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    Balloon tire fixie upgrade

    Has anyone here put a multi=speed cassette on a classic balloon tire frame? How did you go about expanding the drop outs? Thanks