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  1. DonGiro20


    That bike looks terrific! Well done. edit: Oops, just noticed this thread is from 2016.
  2. DonGiro20


    Nicely done!
  3. DonGiro20

    Dead Reckoning - '81 Raleigh R10

    Beautiful transformation. Very well done.
  4. DonGiro20

    Typhoon Too Finished

    I agree--very clean build that allows your eye to focus on the beauty of the frame.
  5. DonGiro20


    Beautiful and well thought out build. Very nice touch going from rear coaster brake to linear pull.
  6. DonGiro20

    Varsity Shredder

    This is so cool! It's elegant in it's simplicity. I have an old Raleigh Pursuit frame and a 26 inch fork with brake studs and you've got me thinking.........
  7. DonGiro20


    Awesome build! Your bike building skills and photography are both top notch.
  8. DonGiro20

    Bearings for 1" threaded fork into 1 1/8" threadless headtube

    Thank you for this! This may help solve most of the problems I'm having finding a replacement headset for my Murray Monterey. Still need to find a replacement for that pesky crown race though. I'm using a threadless headset and fork for now.
  9. DonGiro20

    Post Murray Westport Pictures!

    The headset on my rescued Monterey is badly worn with pitted fixed cups and crown race. Until I can source a suitable replacement, I'm going with a threadless fork from my parts stash mated to an inexpensive Ritchey Logic headset: Since this fork had brakes studs I added and "emergency" brake...
  10. DonGiro20

    Post Murray Westport Pictures!

    Not tacky at all. I've found some real nuggets on CL and FB Marketplace.
  11. DonGiro20

    Post Murray Westport Pictures!

    I'm glad you are keeping your Murray alive and well. Have you ever replaced the headset on this bike? The fixed cups and crown race are pitted on mine and even with new bearings it feels gravelly. I haven't been able to find a replacement headset because the fork and crown race are odd balls...
  12. DonGiro20

    Post Murray Westport Pictures!

    Nice! I like that frame. Do you know what year it was manufactured?
  13. DonGiro20

    black bikes?

    Not classic or vintage but it IS black.
  14. DonGiro20

    Post Murray Westport Pictures!

    Here is a Murray Monterey that I rescued from a dumpster and gave a little TLC:
  15. DonGiro20

    Trying To Make Something Cool Out of Three Big Box Garbage Rods: The Hot Mess Express

    I'm quite impressed by how many folks on Rat Rod Bikes have the gift of being able to see the diamonds in the rough.
  16. DonGiro20

    Cassettes and Freewheels

    I'm 99.99% sure that a 2021 7 speed bicycle has a freewheel hub not a cassette.
  17. DonGiro20


    Beautiful Paramount! I lusted after them when I was younger but couldn't afford one then.
  18. DonGiro20

    With No Malus in Forethought

    The Malus looks like a fun bike. Check out KevCentral on Youtube, he has a nice video review of the bike.
  19. DonGiro20

    Cassettes and Freewheels

    There are some 7 speed cassettes around but generally speaking, 7 speed or less = freewheel and 8 speed or more = cassette. A bike with a freewheel is not necessarily a cheap bike. I have some fine bicycles that are 7 speed freewheel design. They just pre-date the cassette era.
  20. DonGiro20

    were do you drawl the line? how many bikes are 1 to many?

    I'll be forced to draw the line when the only place to store n+1 is my wife's side of the bed.