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  1. wbtattoos79

    Lowrider build

    Man bro,I'm definitely feeling the cylinder.can you take some close up pics of how you have it working? And what's the cylinder off of? I've got 1 from an office chair,but it's under ALOT more pressure than it takes my full weight to compress it. Anyways, keep up the updates!
  2. wbtattoos79

    Lowrider build

    Any idea how they work? I'd like to try and make my own
  3. IMG_20221010_144239.jpg


  4. IMG_20221010_144523.jpg


  5. IMG_20221011_145915.jpg


  6. Project


  7. Screwed & Chopped

    Screwed & Chopped

  8. wbtattoos79

    Air Ride Chopper-Thing

    Hey guys.So this is my new project as of this morning. When I bought this bike,I was told it was a Schwinn Stingray....yea, not the case.. Unfortunately I don't know what kinda bike it is. There are NO serial numbers on it. I checked the usual place(under the bottom bracket), and NOTHING...
  9. wbtattoos79

    Down Bikes Dimensions?

    Question, does anyone know where to locate some frame dimensions for the custom air suspension Down Bikes? They're out of business now,and most photos on their website have the areas that were fabricated all blurred out. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks guys
  10. wbtattoos79

    The next build off? Plans for the future

    So by big/little you mean like 26" and 24", right? And since I already have apes on it, I'm good,right? Even if I continue to chop it up and make it lower?
  11. wbtattoos79

    The next build off? Plans for the future

    So I'm assuming that means BOTH tires, correct?
  12. wbtattoos79

    The next build off? Plans for the future

    And where can I find those at? Sorry,I'm a noob
  13. wbtattoos79

    The next build off? Plans for the future

    So what would this fall under?
  14. wbtattoos79

    Second Helping

    I meant the 1s that you screwed together to make the wide wheel
  15. wbtattoos79

    Girthy Gerty

    I voted for you the frame extension. Inspired me to do this...
  16. wbtattoos79

    Second Helping

    How wide is each rim?
  17. wbtattoos79

    does anyone know how to mount this monstrocity

    This is SO DOPE! So you don't have to run spokes to the "spare wheel"?
  18. wbtattoos79

    Threadless in Texas

    I have zero experience with this setup.. any info would be awesome
  19. wbtattoos79

    Threadless in Texas

    Question, is it possible to install a 1 1/8 Threadless set of triple tree forks in an old huffy frame?