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    Wanted Schwinn Aerostar Guard

    Just like the pic need the Guard only if anyone has one
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    All Schwinn parts for sale

    Seat is sold
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    All Schwinn parts for sale

    All prices are shipped in the US, Unless noted in Pic . Outside US will be more for shipping. Prices are in each pic If you have questions just ask. If you want a item Message me but also say in the post message sent. Payment by Postal Money orders, Cash, Personal Check Or Pay Pal F+F Only. No...
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    Misc parts for sale

    Evil cover sold
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    Misc parts for sale

    Quell Seat post sold
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    Misc parts for sale

    Thanks Crash Was not sure
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    Misc parts for sale

    Is what? The Shot Shimano 3 speed shifter ?
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    Misc parts for sale

    Schwinn Pedals Sold
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    FOUND S-A 3-speed coaster hub wanted

    This is a Shimano 3CC would this work Not alloy
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    26” straight mtb fork 1”

    I will look again if I remember tomorrow
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    26” straight mtb fork 1”

    New one was 1 1/8th but do have this that came off of a Cannondale $25 plus ship
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    26” straight mtb fork 1”

    Let me look I think I have a brand new one in Black
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    Misc parts for sale

    Black Schwinn grips sold
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    Misc parts for sale

    Per item
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    Misc parts for sale

    Have For sale A bunch of Misc Bike Parts. Most are vintage. Some are NOS. Prices are listed in the pics of each of the items. All prices are shipping included. US only otherwise shipping will be more. Payments by way of postal Money orders, Personal Checks, Checks will clear my bank first...
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    Wanted Huffy Rail, Dragster Right pedal

    There is a pair on ebay for a decent price. Finding singles are not easy I will look to see if I have one
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    WANTED Looking for parts to fill out a Redline Chopper.

    Sent you a message
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    Owosso, Michigan bike show 8-14-2022 tomorrow

    Always a good show. Small but fun. 9 to 3. Might rain in the morning but after that it will be cloudy with 70 degrees. Right on main street right behind the bike shop.
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    WANTED Black and white Schwinn seat

    I have this that will work
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    WANTED Looking for 27,5x1.75 rim brake rear wheel

    You should be able to order one from them.