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    Adult Stingray OCC 70-80% rebuilt in Denver, CO

    Poor guy has been sitting like that for the last 3 years just trying to get to the local Mcdonalds for lunch...
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    Adult Stingray OCC 70-80% rebuilt in Denver, CO

    I finished getting most of the parts needed to complete the project, but now have no time or space to finish my creation. The back wheel is a perfect fit from an old 70's pit bike - but the bearings are shot in it. I hear most bike(motorcycle) shops will refit them inexpensively? All the parts...
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    the loudest freaking horn ever?

    I am trying to soup my bike up enough to post it here - and traded in the cheapo bell I had on my creation with an airzound 2. not bad - but it does not hold the air very long, and it seems "just ok". Being a scooter mod kinda guy, my first thoughts go to battery powered ones, and I came...
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    needing a supercool headlight

    sorry - got rude in my excitement to finally ask a question terribly sorry - I did not introduce myself properly - just getting into the bicycling scene in Denver, and particularly enjoy spending time on my Trek 800 singletrack which I am trying my hardest to turn into a work of art as well. I...
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    Bike Stereo

    seems cool, but 100$? for that much there has got to be a cooler way to mount a stereo...
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    needing a supercool headlight

    hey there - new member and not sure where to look at. Ill post a pic of my new rat tomorrow - but I am dedoing my mtb to look as goth-punk as humanly possible. The problem I have is finding a light worthy. I have seen retro lights at the local lowrider bike store, but Im looking for something...